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Top Croydon News Stories
 Other Local News
More news about Croydon, from your Conservative MPs, the Conservative Group on Croydon Council and your GLA and European representatives.
09/04/2014 Government Planning Review hails best practice in Croydon
03/04/2014 Good news on employment: Croydon residents not in work figure continues to fall
25/02/2014 Addiscombe Conservatives select three local residents as their candidates for Mayís council elections
24/02/2014 New providers ready to step in to provide SEN transport from tomorrow
11/02/2014 Boris visits Kenley flood zone: praises 'extraordinary operation'
10/02/2014 Communities Secretary praises Croydon's 'phenomenal' efforts to combat floods
10/02/2014 Labour leader makes it clear he does not support the Conservatives' £25 rebate
08/02/2014 Battle continues to protect the town's water supply in the face of increasing flooding
07/02/2014 Croydon braced for floods if rains continue
05/02/2014 £1bn Westfield/Hammerson scheme community benefits package announced
28/01/2014 How would you like £25 back from your Council (and a cut in Council Tax)? You've got it!
27/01/2014 Parking charges and permits frozen or reduced
08/04/2014 Latest milestone on road to Westfield and Hammerson opening in Croydon
28/03/2014 Column for The Croydon Advertiser: what last week's Budget means for Croydon
27/03/2014 Taberner House demolition approved
19/03/2014 Chancellor reforms Labourís Air Passenger Duty
19/03/2014 A Budget for makers, exporters and savers
19/03/2014 Latest figures show unemployment in Croydon Central has fallen yet again
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02/04/2014 Ottaway welcomes rise in public awareness of Purley UCC
07/03/2014 Ottaway praises help for Croydon's homeless
27/02/2014 Ottaway confirms financial support for businesses indirectly hit by floods
17/02/2014 Ottaway praises floods effort in Croydon South
13/02/2014 Ottaway requests help for 'hidden' victims of Croydon South floods
11/02/2014 Kenley Flooding
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 Ward Blogs
Latest posts from around the borough....
Kenley 16/04/14
Roads works- A22 at junction with St James Road - completed
Coulsdon West 15/04/14
Disabled bays not in use?
Kenley 15/04/14
Rubbish dumping at Old Lodge Lane
Addiscombe 14/04/14
East India Way : Dealing with Anti-social activities
Addiscombe 14/04/14
Dalmally Road: Recycling Box not cleared and unhappiness about Staff behavior
Addiscombe 14/04/14
Outram Road - Croydon Torries intervene to stop the threat of an unhumane eviction
Kenley 14/04/14
Road works along the A22 (Godstone Road) over the Easter period.
Sanderstead 14/04/14
Purley Beeches
Fairfield 12/04/14
Thames Water works in Granville Close
Coulsdon West 12/04/14
Yellow lines on Chipstead Valley Road
Fairfield 12/04/14
Fly Tipping on Chepstow Rise
Sanderstead 11/04/14
Sanderstead travellers aftermath
Sanderstead 11/04/14
Travellers update
Croham 09/04/14
Essential Repairs for Selsdon road Railway Bridge
Croham 09/04/14
Sussex Rd Resurfacing.
Selsdon & Ballards 09/04/14
Tree works in Selsdon Recreation Ground.
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