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Top Croydon News Stories
 Other Local News
More news about Croydon, from your Conservative MPs, the Conservative Group on Croydon Council and your GLA and European representatives.
25/06/2014 Labour fails to protect local business
19/06/2014 Vidhi Mohan selected as Conservative parliamentary candidate for Croydon North
13/06/2014 Honour for Conservative Candidate, Rosina St James
24/05/2014 UKIP votes hand control of Town Hall to Labour
16/05/2014 Labour gets its facts wrong. Again.
16/05/2014 Steve Reed MP: ten Labour 'facts' about Croydon which turn out not to be true
01/05/2014 Crime down nearly 10% in Croydon
17/04/2014 Record number of Croydon families offered top three choice of primary school
09/04/2014 Government Planning Review hails best practice in Croydon
07/04/2014 Historic day for Croydon as Council commits to CPO to drive town centre regeneration
03/04/2014 Good news on employment: Croydon residents not in work figure continues to fall
13/03/2014 Extra money for schools to make funding fairer
23/08/2014 Why Oasis Shirley Park is an outstanding school
21/08/2014 Travellers on John Ruskin Playing Field
20/08/2014 Would you like to visit the Houses of Parliament?
13/08/2014 Joint statement with Cllrs Simon Hall, Carole Bonner, Louisa Woodley & Oliver Lewis and London Assembly member Steve O'Connell re BNP activity in New Addington
11/08/2014 An invitation from Boris
30/07/2014 Even Croydon Labour agree this Government's policies are leading to huge falls in unemployment
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21/07/2014 Ottaway welcomes fairer funding for schools in Croydon South
02/07/2014 Ottaway saves UK steel fabricating trade millions
01/05/2014 Ottaway to meet Care Minister to raise concerns about Oban House
02/04/2014 Ottaway welcomes rise in public awareness of Purley UCC
07/03/2014 Ottaway praises help for Croydon's homeless
27/02/2014 Ottaway confirms financial support for businesses indirectly hit by floods
You can read more news from Richard on

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 Ward Blogs
Latest posts from around the borough....
Sanderstead 25/08/14
Sanderstead Recreation Ground
Coulsdon West 25/08/14
World War One commemoration at Coulsdon Memorial Park
Coulsdon West 25/08/14
Poorer train service for Coulsdon unacceptable
Fairfield 25/08/14
Queens Gardens - Planning Meeting 3rd Sept
Croydon North 25/08/14
Fly Tipping Around Selhurst Park
Croydon North 25/08/14
Residents Lose High Street Bank Branch
Kenley 22/08/14
The Mayors Bus Stop Improvement Programme for Old Lodge Lane, Purley
Sanderstead 21/08/14
Purley Oaks Road - Resurfacing - 3 September 2014
Sanderstead 21/08/14
St Mary's Road - Fly Tipping
Kenley 20/08/14
Valley Road, Kenley - road resurfacing 27th August to 2nd September 2014
Coulsdon West 19/08/14
Doble's Close re-naming
Fairfield 19/08/14
Katharine Street - 24 August
Fairfield 19/08/14
Blunt Road
Selsdon & Ballards 19/08/14
Electric blanket and small appliance testing.
Croham 13/08/14
Grass cutting neglected in our area
Croham 12/08/14
Second hand car dealers spoil our local area
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