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Top Croydon News Stories
 Other Local News
More news about Croydon, from your Conservative MPs, the Conservative Group on Croydon Council and your GLA and European representatives.
16/03/2015 Labour to introduce blanket Landlord Licensing six months after that practice is outlawed
10/03/2015 Labour council wants a 16 storey skyscraper in Purley
17/02/2015 Labour climbdown #3: but wouldn’t it be better if they weren’t making the mistakes in the first place?
14/02/2015 Off-peak daily fares limit a step closer to being reinstated
12/02/2015 Council Taxpayer money being used to fund party political propaganda
11/02/2015 Boris agrees to cost moving main Croydon stations from Zone 5 to Zone 4
05/02/2015 Conservatives select Tirena Gunter as their candidate for the Selhurst By Election
27/01/2015 Purley Pool: inching towards safety
26/01/2015 Purely Pool given a stay of execution
23/01/2015 Signs of a U-turn on Purley Pool?
16/12/2014 'Spinderella' - the spin continues......
11/12/2014 Sign the petition to save Purley Pool from closure
19/05/2015 Time for the Council to keep its promise to the Monks Hill Over 50s Club
19/05/2015 Standing down as a Governor of the Whitgift Foundation
08/05/2015 Re-elected, but only just
19/04/2015 The choice at this election
07/04/2015 My commitment to the NHS
03/04/2015 Real anger with our Labour Council removing recycling facilities
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19/05/2015 Thank you for your support
21/04/2015 Croydon Unemployment Halves
30/03/2015 A new A&E for Croydon University Hospital
09/03/2015 Stop Purley Skyscraper
28/01/2015 Labour plan to close Purley Pool defeated – for now
12/12/2014 Save Purley Pool
You can read more news from Chris on

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 Ward Blogs
Latest posts from around the borough....
Fairfield 22/05/15
Archbishop Tenison's School
Croham 22/05/15
Unsteady Post box
Fairfield 21/05/15
Park Hill Residents Association
Fairfield 20/05/15
Tramlink Closure
Croham 17/05/15
Proposed block of flats at 2/2a Campden rd refused by Council
Croham 16/05/15
New pedestrian crossing for Selsdon rd for pupils and residents
Sanderstead 15/05/15
Council considering informal crossing on Addington Road
Selsdon & Ballards 15/05/15
Road works on Mitchley Avenue
Sanderstead 14/05/15
Carriageway Resurfacing - Mitchley Avenue
Selsdon & Ballards 12/05/15
Stop invitng theives onto your property
Sanderstead 11/05/15
Croydon Adult Social Services User Panel
Selsdon & Ballards 11/05/15
Congratulations to our new MP
Coulsdon West 06/05/15
Coulsdon Town public toilet
Coulsdon East 03/05/15
Thefts from Motor vehicles
Coulsdon West 26/04/15
Burglary on the rise in Coulsdon West
Coulsdon West 23/04/15
Attending the opening of Aldi Coulsdon
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