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Top Croydon News Stories
 Other Local News
More news about Croydon, from your Conservative MPs, the Conservative Group on Croydon Council and your GLA and European representatives.
£1 billion in debt - Labour burning your money on pet projects
Now Croydon Labour wants you to run your own Library......
Croydon Conservatives back Londonís National Park City campaign
Another open letter criticises Labour's decision to close Fairfield Halls
ĎItís all the governmentís faultí say Labour as they set the budget
Labour bullies the Board of Fairfield Halls into submission
'Don't close our Fairfield Halls' - an open letter from a user of Fairfield to Croydon Labour
'Save Our Fairfield' campaign featured on London Live
Let's stop the Sunshine Tax
Hundreds of Shirley residents tell the council what they think of its plans for their area
Farcical council meeting: apparently Councillors are not allowed to discuss proposed changes in council constitution
Labour council leader criticises Coulsdon residents as 'obsessed by cars'
05/04/2016 Croydon Council consulting on introducing 20mph speed limit on all residential roads in the north-east of the borough
22/03/2016 Government announces that it will not be proceeding with changes to support for disabled people
18/03/2016 Lobbying pays off: Government approves Croydon Growth Zone
17/03/2016 A Budget for the next generation and for small businesses
14/03/2016 Disability benefits
12/03/2016 Is there an unofficial ban on certain genres of music being played in Croydon?
You can read more posts from Gavin's blog on
27/04/2016 Labour Reduce Free Parking in Coulsdon
17/03/2016 The Budget and Croydon South
26/02/2016 Local Government Funding
24/02/2016 EU Referendum: Personal position
19/01/2016 Southern Rail update
19/01/2016 Coulsdon Car Park Shock
You can read more news from Chris on

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 Ward Blogs
Latest posts from around the borough....
Fairfield 02/05/16
Family Festival in Park Hill
Fairfield 02/05/16
The Big Dance
Fairfield 01/05/16
Garden waste collection
Purley 29/04/16
Licence fees for Street Trading - Bad news
Purley 29/04/16
Fairfield Halls Closure in July - for ever??
Coulsdon East 27/04/16
Message from our Safer Neighbourhood Police team
Coulsdon East 26/04/16
Coulsdon's free 1 hour parking scrapped
Coulsdon West 26/04/16
Labour vote to scrap free parking in Coulsdon
Coulsdon West 26/04/16
Coulsdon Town toilet broken AGAIN
Coulsdon West 26/04/16
My contribution to the Coulsdon Debate
Selsdon & Ballards 25/04/16
Community Ward Budget update 6
Selsdon & Ballards 25/04/16
Litter Bins
Sanderstead 23/04/16
Dumped mattresses on Mitchley Avenue
Selsdon & Ballards 19/04/16
Fairfeld Petition censored, ignored or both.
Heathfield 18/04/16
Heathfield 18/04/16
Burst Water Main on Upper Shirley Road
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