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Top Croydon News Stories
 Other Local News
More news about Croydon, from your Conservative MPs, the Conservative Group on Croydon Council and your GLA and European representatives.
11/02/2015 Boris agrees to cost moving main Croydon stations from Zone 5 to Zone 4
23/01/2015 Signs of a U-turn on Purley Pool?
16/12/2014 'Spinderella' - the spin continues......
11/12/2014 Sign the petition to save Purley Pool from closure
03/12/2014 Building on school playing fields: Labour does U-turn (or does it?)
02/12/2014 Pantomime season in full swing as Labour’s spin machine goes into meltdown
18/11/2014 Labour's disgraceful plan to sell off school playing fields
30/10/2014 Becoming a Councillor
28/10/2014 Fighting for a fairer deal for Croydon commuters
27/10/2014 Conservatives welcome Westfield/Hammerson CPO date
23/10/2014 Labour ‘openness and transparency’ claim under pressure over hidden Addington sale
06/10/2014 Consultation should be 'Roads Not Zones' for 20 mph limit plan
27/02/2015 Removal of Ashburton recycling facility makes no sense
27/02/2015 Croydon Council ignores residents’ concerns and grants planning permission for Arena school
25/02/2015 Government cracks down on cold callers
23/02/2015 Another scandal tarnishes the reputation of all MPs
23/02/2015 Huge step in tackling dementia
17/02/2015 Inflation hits record low
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23/01/2015 Councillor Gerry Ryan
10/12/2014 Ottaway appalled at Labour’s plans to close Purley Pool
06/11/2014 Ottaway welcomes the Poppy Flag
23/10/2014 Ottaway wears it pink
23/10/2014 Roxy is runner up Westminster Dog Of The Year!
17/10/2014 Recognition of Palestine
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28/01/2015 Labour plan to close Purley Pool defeated – for now
12/12/2014 Save Purley Pool
05/12/2014 Chancellor: Discussions to Start for Croydon Growth Zone
05/12/2014 Labour Threat to Build on School Playing Fields
23/10/2014 Creating a Businsss Improvement District for Purley
26/09/2014 Restore Purley Hospital Services
You can read more news from Chris on

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 Ward Blogs
Latest posts from around the borough....
Coulsdon West 05/03/15
Pizza Express to open in Coulsdon
Coulsdon West 04/03/15
Scrutinising Safety and Justice
Sanderstead 03/03/15
Refusal of planning permission for 107 Purley Downs Road
Croham 03/03/15
Croham Hurst woods benefits from more holly removal
Sanderstead 03/03/15
Warlingham Park School - My Talk about the Mayoralty & Politics
Sanderstead 02/03/15
McCarthy & Stone Retirement Home - 33-36 Sanderstead Court, Addington Road
Croham 26/02/15
Back garden development permitted at 12 Mayfield rd
Selsdon & Ballards 24/02/15
Have a Big Lunch Party
Coulsdon West 23/02/15
Speech on Labour's Budget at tonight's Council Tax meeting
Selsdon & Ballards 16/02/15
New Street Lights in Selsdon and Ballards
Fairfield 16/02/15
Fairfield 14/02/15
Kenley 13/02/15
Ministry of Defence say Kenley Airfield is safe
Coulsdon East 09/02/15
40mph on Farthing Way
Fairfield 08/02/15
Park Hill Community Garden
Selsdon & Ballards 07/02/15
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