On 3rd May Croydon goes to the polls to decide who will run the borough for the next 4 years.
At the moment the town is run by Labour.
Many people tell us that the Labour council doesn't listen.
Thousands sign petitions and protest against things the Labour council is doing, but they take no notice.
We Conservatives, on the other hand, have been holding public meetings up and down the borough to listen to residents.
We've understood that you want action taken to clean up the streets and will introduce fly-tip buster patrols.
We understand that you don't want any more green space to be lost and have pledged to keep all council-owned parks & gardens safe.
We know that residents are fed up with the interminable delays on the redevelopment of the town centre and just want it got on with.
We hear all the time from parks' 'friends groups' that there's nobody at the council to develop our parks: we will fix that.
We will be a council that's on your side, getting the stuff you want dealt with done well.
To make our town live up to its potential and become great again, vote Conservative on 3rd May.

Our Manifesto 2018

Follow the links below for full details of our policies for the 2018 local election.

A Council's that's on your side

I'm Councillor Tim Pollard, Leader of the Conservatives on Croydon Council. I’ve lived in Croydon for 32 years. I’ve seen it evolve through the good times and bad.

My kids have gone to school locally and I’ve used all the local services you use. That’s why I care about the future of my home town – our Croydon.

On 3rd May Croydon will go to the polls to elect the council which will run the town for the next four years. At the moment the town is run by Labour and has been since 2014.

Too often politicians aren’t clear with what will happen if you vote for them. I believe in plain-speaking, I believe we need more honesty back in our politics.

That’s why I’ve produced this summary of our manifesto letting you know what you’ll get if you vote Conservative on 3rd May.

It's divided into sections to help you find the policies which matter to you:

Listening to you – councillors have to listen to residents; when they stay locked in their town hall they lose touch with reality

Walking, Cycling, Driving – better balancing the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists

Construction in Croydon - balancing the need to house new residents against the rights of those already here, by having a fairer planning process

Tidying the place up – dealing with litter, fly tipping and graffiti

Local jobs – supporting businesses to grow and provide local employment

Putting the fun back in Croydon – leisure and culture for all, young and old

Keeping us safe – dealing with anti-social behaviour and supporting our police

Caring for the vulnerable – supporting all our vulnerable residents How we pay for it all – focusing the money where it’s needed and not on silly vanity projects

Paying for it all - how we will manage the finances better than Labour has over the past four years

This election is not about the EU. It’s not about who runs this country. It’s not even about London. It’s about Croydon, our town. It’s about which party can best help our town reach its potential. I hope you think that’s me and my team of dedicated and diverse Croydon Conservatives. We will be a council which is on your side, helping you and your family to thrive in our wonderful town.

I hope you will give us a chance to prove that on 3rd May by voting for your local Conservative team.

Councillor Tim Pollard, Leader, Croydon Conservatives

PS. If you just want to download a pdf of our manifesto summary, you'll find it here.

Listening to you

For too long the Council has not been listening to residents. Tens of thousands of signatures on petitions have been ignored and decisions taken which are deeply unpopular. This section outlines how we will restore faith in our democracy and engage residents in the decisions that affect them.

Walking, Cycling & Driving

Pedestrians, motorists, cyclists and those of us who use public transport have all told us there are problems moving around our borough. Speeding is a problem, but the 'one size fits all' solution imposed by Labour isn't working. This section sets out how we'll get the borough moving again.

Construction & Regeneration

There are hundreds of examples of passionate local residents opposing plans to build in their area, knowing the damage it’ll cause – but our Labour-run Council pushes them through anyway. At the same time there are dozens of stalled construction projects. It’s all wrong and it has to change – here’s how we’d do it.

Cleaning the place up

We all know fly-tipping in the borough has got much, much worse, and the data backs it up: since Labour took over the Town Hall fly-tipping has rocketed by 64%. The London average is only 12%. Croydon’s recycling rate has plummeted and street sweeping services have been reduced. Here are the practical measures we would take.

Local Jobs

Croydon should be well on the way to a brighter future by now, but under Labour the progress has stalled. Westfield was meant to have started construction by now. Where is it? Other schemes are similarly delayed or stalled: Fairfield Halls, Croydon College, Taberner House all delayed. Our local economy is stagnating, and that’s hurting jobs in our town. We will fix that fast.

A fun place to live

Life in Croydon is about so much more than just working and sleeping. Our town needs to offer leisure activities for all, old and young. We must never underestimate how important the arts and culture are for Croydon – this is about more than just hosting the odd event, it needs to be embedded in the DNA of our town. Here's how we will bring the fun back.

A safe place to live

Dealing with crime is the responsibility of the Police, but the Council supports them in dealing with lower level crime and anti-social behaviour. The Council does have a major role in other safety-related activities: licensing, road safety, fire safety, landlord and tenant issues, domestic violence and the like. Here's how we will keep the town safe.

Caring for people

Croydon has a long history of caring for its vulnerable, whether they are older or younger. Last year, for the first time ever, Croydon failed an Ofsted inspection of the work of its children’s safeguarding teams. Our residents deserve better. This section outlines how we will care for the vulnerable.

Paying for it all

The Council’s budget has spiralled out of control, as it always does when Labour is in charge. The Labour Council has overspent its budgets for social care by a staggering £33 million over the last four years. That’s not budgets other people set for it, they’re the ones it sets itself! Here's how we will get the finances back under control.

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