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 Blog Posts for Ashburton
01/07/2014 00:03:00 Labour decide to let Old Ashburton Library rot!
01/06/2014 23:05:00 Thank you and goodbye!
19/05/2014 16:47:00 No trams next week due to bridge replacement
04/04/2014 23:11:00 Congratulations to MORA on their 90th birthday!
26/03/2014 00:05:00 Planning inspector overturns Croydon Council's decision at Woodmere Avenue
17/03/2014 22:20:00 Monks Orchard Primary gets a "Good" from OFSTED
13/03/2014 23:06:00 Learn more about Spring Lane closure at drop-in session.
26/02/2014 23:52:00 Progressing towards community uses at Old Ashburton Library
25/02/2014 23:03:00 Sixteen hour reprieve for Spring Lane
25/02/2014 13:03:00 Spring Lane bridge closure
09/12/2013 22:54:00 Courier fraud on the increase in Ashburton area
28/11/2013 21:16:00 Oasis Shirley Park is outstanding
04/11/2013 22:32:00 Bridge closure could impact Ashburton residents
21/10/2013 23:31:00 Application for office in Glenthorne Avenue refused
10/10/2013 12:26:00 Problems at Long Lane crossing
28/09/2013 21:58:00 Planning permission granted for Oasis infant school
25/09/2013 21:00:00 Upgrading plan for Addiscombe Exchange Post Office
25/09/2013 16:35:00 Mayor of Croydon visits Monks Orchard Primary School
17/09/2013 21:46:00 The recent history of Old Ashburton Library
29/07/2013 17:55:00 367 Bus diverted away from Monks Orchard this week
18/07/2013 22:30:00 Back garden development in Gladeside refused
01/06/2013 13:29:00 Don't be caught out by Trinity School Triathlon
24/05/2013 23:53:00 Old oak tree on Woodmere Avenue now protected
22/05/2013 23:07:00 Good news and bad from Safer Neighbourhood Panel
16/05/2013 22:46:00 New school proposed for Stroud Green Way
12/05/2013 18:06:00 The Great Croydon Clean Up in Long Lane Woods
11/05/2013 10:04:00 Upgrade for Long Lane crossing
17/04/2013 22:33:00 Margaret Thatcher 1925-2013
06/03/2013 16:29:00 Dog Free Areas in Addiscombe Recreation Ground
14/02/2013 22:38:00 Woodside Court Road To Become One-Way
08/02/2013 23:39:00 New Development Behind Woodmere Avenue Rejected
30/01/2013 21:55:00 Inspector Rejects More Flats At Black Horse Site

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