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 The Selsdon & Addington Village Blog
Cllr  Helen  Pollard
Robert  Ward

Selsdon Gazette Councillors’ Notes for February 2013
02/02/2013 16:50:00......Posted by Sara Bashford

The following Councillor's notes will appear in the Selsdon Gazette, so this is an early opportunity for residents to read them

Planning Matters

12/03530/P 9-11 Swallowdale, South Croydon, CR2 8SG Erection of 2 detached four bedroom two storey houses with accommodation in roof space and provision associated parking.

12/03594/P 69 Croham Valley Road, South Croydon, CR2 7JG Erection of two storey side/rear extension.

12/03524/P 210 Croham Valley Road, South Croydon, CR2 7RB Erection of single storey side/rear extension.

The detailed plans of all these extensions are available on the Council’s website at:

If there are any residents who wish to make any comments or recommendations in respect of the above they can do so by making contact with the planning department at Taberner House or approaching one of us. We would always be grateful to receive
copies of any representations, which you may make in respect of the applications.


The residents of Selsdon make a great effort to recycle just as much as they can. The borough overall has moved from being one of the worst in London with a 16% recycling rate in 2006 to being quite close to 50% in the upper quartile of local authorities in the whole of the UK. I really do think this is a good result but we could still do better.

Recycling is to become compulsory, persistent offenders across the borough will be warned and ultimately fixed based penalties will be imposed on those who refuse to comply, we hope there will be none in Selsdon.


Last month we gave notice of the Coombe Road bridge strengthening, for once they have started to carry out the work on time. We are awaiting the Farley Road resurfacing dates.

Bus Stops

It has been brought to our attention and the writer of these notes has experienced it himself that when a 409 bus is standing outside Sainsbury’s it is a very difficult situation as the pedestrians are unsighted from motorists and vice versa. The 409 can be stationery for up to 30 mins. Our view is that the 409 when it is going to stand should be at the bottom of the hill. We are taking this up with Transport for London (TFL). In the meantime pedestrians and motorists should be extra careful when crossing the slip road.

Aldi/Garage (Bailey’s)
Yet again we have taken up with the owners of the garage, the state of it. We will remind readers that it is owned by trust registered in Jersey. We have made contact with their UK agents and persuaded them to make the building secure.

On the subject of Aldi readers may recall when they opened the store some 5 years ago they had permission for the illuminated sign for that period. In the early days they promised to make the sign smaller but once planning permission had been granted they failed to carry out that agreement. It now follows that there planning permission for the large illuminated sign has expired and they are being persuaded to submit a new application. We will of course be examining the size of the sign. We hope it will
go back to original agreement made with the planning officers. The conditions of the grant of planning permission required operation between 8a.m and 8p.m Monday to Saturday and 10a.m and 4p.m. Sunday and Bank Holidays. Residents who live nearby have reported these conditions have not been adhered to and we are of the view that their amenities have suffered as a result. We will be looking for suitable conditions of use for the new application.

Bad Weather/Grit Bins

As these notes are being written we are in the middle of a reasonably heavy snow fall. This had been well promulgated by the met office.We take this opportunity to remind you that the salt in bins is for theuse on the roads and pavements and not for private drives. As we have severe weather conditions salt provided in these bins should be used sparingly as it is extremely difficult to replenish them in periods
of severe weather.

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 Other Blog Posts

Combating anti-social behaviour and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
26/02/2018 15:58:00.......Posted by Robert Ward

We are fortunate that Selsdon and Addington Village is a generally low crime area. You can find statistics for the current Selsdon and Ballards ward here. However, we need to remain vigilant and respond to changing circumstances.

At a recent Selsdon and Ballards Police Ward Panel meeting the issue of anti-social behaviour was raised. There was a concern that the changing character of our High Streets, with more fast food outlets replacing traditional shops, might bring with it an increase in anti-social behaviour. CCTV was suggested as a possible measure to help the situation. I have since done some research. 

The Council maintains a network of cameras linked to a central control room in Thornton Heath.  The cameras are primarily on the main roads, in the town centre and some of the district centres. There are currently none in Selsdon. 

Fixed cameras are expensive, both to install and maintain; consequently, none have been installed for many years. The council does however have some redeployable cameras that can be moved around to deal with specific issues. 

A re-deployable camera could be used in Selsdon but there are strict requirements which must be met for that to happen. We would need clear evidence of need and a privacy impact assessment would need to be made. 

The possibility of using CCTV installed by local shops has been mentioned. These may by law only be used to monitor the building and its immediate surroundings. Although the police would ask to access any evidence stored on this equipment in the event of a specific incident, they may not be used for public space surveillance. 

We are some way from a situation serious enough for CCTV surveillance so I would encourage people to report anti-social behaviour. This will help with evidence gathering should we ever need to consider installing cameras and it may be that the matter can be tackled by other means so we never get to a situation where CCTV even needs considering. I hope this helps. 



Lovely day for a walk in Littleheath woods
18/02/2018 13:48:00.......Posted by Robert Ward


Spring is peeking through in our local woods, really well looked after by the Friends group. Took my Sainsburys bag with me but only found a few discarded cans, a couple rather deep in the thorns. It would help if the inconsiderate people who threw cans away didn't cast them deep into the undergrowth in the first place.

There was occasional evidence of what looked like moped tracks on the pathways. Something to watch out for when the weather gets milder. The police are aware and do patrol the area.

That said our local woods are a wonderful facility to have on our doorstep. Please do all you can to help the Friends in their work to preserve it for everyone.



Selsdon Ward Panel meeting 15th February 2018
15/02/2018 23:06:00.......Posted by Robert Ward

This evening I attended the Selsdon & Ballards Local Policing Team Panel meeting at the Selsdon Centre for the Retired. Progress is reported as good on the “Ward promises” which are the three areas agreed to be the focus for our local policing team.

·         The areas of the Addington Road identified as locations for anti-social behaviour are patrolled regularly. A recent arrest has resulted in a case going to court.

·         Burglaries are generally low in Selsdon but are still a risk. People are advised to be vigilant and especially not to leave windows open. Motor vehicles should always be locked when unattended.

·         Speeding is still a problem, especially at certain locations. The police are aware.

On the High Street work has started on the former HSBC bank site, part of which has permission to become a fast food outlet. The work seems to have stopped for the moment but we can expect this to open before the summer. The changing nature of the High Street with more fast food outlets and some traditional shops closing will require monitoring.

The next ward panel meeting will be in May. Twitter users can follow our local policing team at @MPSSelsdon.




Culture in Croydon
13/02/2018 10:32:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Met with the Council's Culture Director to find out more about what is happening with culture in Croydon.  Discussed progress with Fairfield Halls, Boxpark, the pop up venue in Surrey Street and the closure of High Street. 



Borough-wide Residents Association meeting
12/02/2018 21:51:00.......Posted by Robert Ward


It was a full house at the Borough-wide Residents Association meeting this evening where the main subject was planning issues. Councillor Tim Pollard, leader of the Conservative group on Croydon Council and Conservative’s planning lead, Councillor Jason Perry brought us up to speed on where we stand on the planning process and how it has been operating in recent times. A lively discussion followed.

In brief, the Croydon Local Plan, which is the framework document for planning related issues in the Borough, is likely to be approved in the next couple of months, all opportunities for comment and revision having been exhausted. The net result is that Croydon will be expected to deliver a significant volume of additional housing, a number that is only likely to be increased by requirements imposed from above by Labour Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who is updating the London Plan, with which the Croydon plan must comply. This is a significant concern, especially so since the Labour-led Croydon Planning Committee has routinely been approving unsustainable and out of character planning applications against the wishes of local residents.

Councillor Pollard shared some ideas for improving the participation and influence of local residents in the planning process which might be included in the Conservative manifesto for the upcoming Council elections. Make sure you come out and vote on May 3rd to make a difference to the future of your local community.



Meeting with Residents' Associations
12/02/2018 10:33:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Good meeting with representatives of residents' associations where the main topic of conversation was planning.  Whilst it is too late to make changes to the Croydon Local Plan, there is great concern about the impact the London Plan will have on Croydon.  The (already high) target for building new homes has been almost doubled by Sadiq Khan which will put huge pressures on the borough.  Residents and councillors will respond to the consultation and ask that this target is reduced. 



John Ruskin College
01/02/2018 18:09:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Attended a meeting of the Quality Improvement Board at John Ruskin College.  This sub-committee of the governing body is taking a detailed look at the work that is being done to address the issues raised in the recent Ofsted inspection.



Scrutiny Meeting about Parks and Fairfield Halls
30/01/2018 18:08:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Attended the meeting of the Scrutiny Committee where the Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Sport was providing an update.  I asked when the 'Croydon Talks Parks' consultation results would be published as they were due in January.  Apparently, the findings will be available in February.  This is disappointing as many parks groups have sat patiently through two consultation processes and still there is no investment in parks. 

I have been a councillor for Fairfield Ward for nearly four years, and in all that time the toilets in Park Hill Park have been in a poor state of repair and practically unusable.  £100,000 of s106 money from town centre developments has been earmarked for Park Hill Park for more than four years and yet it has still not been spent.   This is hugely frustrating for park users who can't understand why the work keeps being delayed - they don't need the £100k consultation process to tell them the toilets need to be replaced. 

Cllr Mohan asked when Fairfield Halls would be opening and, once again, there was a very vague answer.  It is clear they really don't know when it will be opening, but, from what was said, there probably won't be a full programme at the venue until the Autumn 2019.



Council Meeting
29/01/2018 18:07:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

In the Town Hall for a meeting of the whole Council.  Made a speech in relation to the library service in Croydon which has seen an increase in visitor numbers since 2014.  



Light Festival
27/01/2018 18:29:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Went to the Light Festival which was being held in Trumble Gardens, which is a park in Thornton Heath.  Some spectacular displays of illuminated plants and animals.



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