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 The Selsdon & Ballards Blog
Cllr  Dudley  Mead
Cllr  Phil  Thomas

Digital Discrimination
26/01/2016 07:48:00......Posted by Sara Bashford

Yesterday at Full Council Cllr Hopely (Sanderstead Ward) proposed and I seconded the following debate motion:-

“Whilst accepting that online access to services is significantly cheaper and suits many younger residents’ lifestyles, this chamber is concerned that the push to digital-only access is discriminatory against the 14% (or more) of residents who are not digitally enabled and that appropriate non-digital points of access to all services should continue for as long as there is a need.”

So you can see what I said I have printed it below.

Discrimination by digital only access is not just unfair it is a barrier to people being able to live an equal life. There are many who through fear of the unknown, lack of money, and basic equipment are excluded from this Council.

I am pleased that the digital enabling programme is being rolled out and was delighted to hear from the ladies who have benefitted from it but they are a small minority and whilst this is very positive is doesn’t reach all of the 14% of the council’s customers who are excluded.  They are made to feel unwanted and part of another era.

I met with a lady who wanted to register for the green garden waste. She couldn’t over the phone so she did as asked and went to the library. Even though the staff tried to help they didn’t understand her complete lack of knowledge. She was 86 and had never used a computer let alone have an email address. She was so distressed because she had no idea what was going on and what she was being asked she left in tears. This should not only never have happened it is just plain wrong and unnecessary. This is the very person who needs green waste collection. I appreciate that after lobbying from many councillors a phone number was provided but too late for many who had given up. I very much hope that the question I have raised with officers, which I haven’t had a response to, can also be considered and that is how do those who don’t want to set up a direct debit or provide their bank details to the Council pay. Is there an opportunity to pay by cheque, which many older residents prefer as they feel this is more secure.

I also met a lady on Thursday who wanted advice about how to challenge a parking fine. She had phoned the Council and the automated message told her she could only make the appeal online and if she didn’t have a computer to go to the library. This is not even the correct information just a way to scare those who are seeking advice by “old fashioned means”. I was able to reassure this lady she could write, but why can’t the Council give that option. I accept dealing with a letter costs more than an online form but everyone should have equal access to challenge decision.

Cllr Woodley has previously said we have to make sure we are not excluding our most vulnerable residents, so I would ask her to challenge decisions made by her cabinet colleagues and ask the question how those not online can access the same service.

This administration has also cut the hours the contact centre are available to the residents of this borough and even though more can be done online 24 hours a day there is nothing like personal contact, to reassure and advise someone not sure what they need to do, where to go, or how to get something. We surely want to be a caring council not just an open and transparent one, so let’s ensure we give equal access to services to all residents who contact us. So when an elderly residents phones who wants bulky waste collection rather than just say to them go online ask if they can go online. Then if the answer is no offer the alternative of a person taking the booking for them. It makes life more pleasant less frustrating and gives everyone equal access to council services.

I support this motion.

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Funds available for tree planting.
11/09/2017 10:49:00.......Posted by Sara Bashford

We are pleased that we have the money availiabe for planting 15 trees in our ward. They need to be planted in existing tree pits where the current tree has previously been removed or died.

If you know of an empty tree pit and you wouldl like a tree planted please let Cllr Phil Thomas know by email  -




Can you help Neighbourhood Watch
22/08/2017 08:43:00.......Posted by Sara Bashford

Croydon Borough Neighbourhood Watch (CBNWA) is a local charity whose aims are: 

- To prevent crime by improving security, increase vigilance, creating and a maintaining a caring community and reducing opportunities for crime by increasing crime awareness. 

- To assist the Police in detecting crime by promoting effective communication and the prompt reporting of suspicious and critical activity. 

- To reduce undue fear of crime by providing accurate information about risks and by promoting a sense of security and community spirit, particularly among the more vulnerable members of the community. 

CBNWA produces a newsletter twice a year which goes into 20,000 properties across the borough, hand delivered by a team of volunteers. Other residents are emailed it to save money. CBNWA have a website which provides information and regular bulletins which are emailed to volunteers for onward distribution to residents in their Watch areas.

Whilst they have some volunteer’s in Selsdon and Ballards they would appreciate any help in increasing their number.  If you would like to get involved and help please contact



KFC is coming to Selsdon
18/08/2017 08:47:00.......Posted by Sara Bashford

Last night a local business owner, our PCSO and I spoke at the planning committee meeting against the opening of a KFC in our district centre. However, regardless of our objections and the written ones from other residents the scheme was approved. We had expected this to be the case and we gave many reasons why it shouldn’t but they were ignored.

If you want to read what I said, my speech is below.

“The main reason for the objection is the over saturation of fast food/ eat in outlets that are diminishing the vibrancy of the district centre. The need to have businesses that attract daytime use of the other shops and services is vital to keep this local high street alive. This fast food outlet won’t do that.

I have no specific objection to KFC, this objection would be for any further change of use and fast food outlet in Selsdon.

In Selsdon we have a large number of fast food outlets, including, a chicken shop, kebab shop, fish and chip shop, a Chinese and two pizza takeaways, plus many restaurants that provide a takeaway service. We don’t need any more in such a small district centre.

I appreciate it would bring an unused site back into use but that isn’t a reason to approve this. We need the right type of business that will be a benefit to the community and other local small businesses.. This KFC will only attract those looking for cheap food and not bring any additional benefit to the area. We know that takeaways create additional rubbish and much of this is left in the local area, being dropped once the cheap meal has been consumed or dropped out of car windows. This will be of detriment to the area and will add to the unkempt look of the road, particularly at the weekend. We have a good street cleaner who tries to keep on top of this but an additional take away appealing to a specific market won’t improve the look of the area. It will attract people late into the evening and as well as creating rubbish will increase the noise to the local population. I have also been asked by the Friends of Littleheath Woods to raise the problem of litter as the wood they look after is very nearby and once a week they have to undertake a litter pick. The majority of what they collect is fast food packaging and they are very concerned this will increase the problem in these fantastic woods.

If permission is given can I please ask that an additional bin and increased frequency of emptying is put in place, so the additional rubbish is not left on the street, detracting from the other businesses.

This premises is in an area that has a lot of families living nearby and there are many families above the shops as well as in surrounding roads. This needs to be taken into account and I would suggest that this alone should be a reason for refusal.

The current request is to allow trading until midnight, this is not appropriate as this is a built-up area with many family homes I would request if permission is given to allow this unwanted take away to open with a closing time of 11pm applied, as it was most recently with Domino’s. If midnight is to be considered it should only be on Friday and Saturday.

Parking is also a problem which will increase as there is only limited on road parking and even now without this additional take away, there is double parking in the evening, as those using these establishments don’t think they will be there long, so it doesn’t matter if they double park and obstruct the traffic. This really is a problem we don’t want getting worse.

Selsdon is a district centre with some chains but many independent shops and restaurants and my concern is those independent shops will be negatively impacted and lead to an exodus of small businesses as this take away will bring nothing positive to the area.

I urge you to reject this negative application. “



Do we really need a KFC in Selsdon?
15/08/2017 13:34:00.......Posted by Sara Bashford

KFC have applied to open a take-away in Selsdon which I and number of residents have objected to. I will be attending a Planning Meeting on Thursday (17th) to object on behalf of residents and hope that it will be rejected.

The Croydon Advertiser have picked up the story which can be read via: -







Post Office re-location
17/07/2017 08:34:00.......Posted by Sara Bashford


The Post Office have confirmed that the Selsdon Post Office will be moved to Tudor Library at 244 Addington Road.

Posters are being displayed in branch to let customers know about this decision. They are currently making the final arrangements for the move and further posters will be provided in branch soon to let customers know the actual date the move will take place.

There is also information on the Post Office website at  When entering the website you will be asked to enter the code for this branch: 11001399



Paint Purley Purple Launch
13/07/2017 17:01:00.......Posted by Sara Bashford


Yesterday I was very pleased to attend the launch of Paint Purley Purple.

PPP takes place for a week in September and raises the profile of the work carried out by the South East Cancer Help Centre, who are based at Tesco's in Purley. They do a huge amount of good work supporting people with cancer and their families and friends. We are very pleased to be able to donate £1000 from our ward budget to this excellent service as it benefits many Selsdon and Ballards residents.



More Road works on Addington Road
11/07/2017 14:39:00.......Posted by Sara Bashford

The Council have provided us with the following information about some major road works, which I am sure will cause disruption, so best avoided if possible:-

SGN are due to replace a gas main located within Addington Road. These works will carried out under two-ways signals which will be manually controlled during peak times and when else required. SGN will work extended hours during this time. Works will start Monday 17th July and run for four weeks for phase one of these works.

Phase One: Weeks 1 to 4 – TM will be 2 way lights from O/S 24 Addington Road to Mountwood Close.

There are further phases which total ten weeks to span over the school summer holidays and into September. Information on the next phase will be sent as an update.

SGN are arranging a drop centre to take place before the more disruptive works start so residents can pop in and discuss the works progress and the next phase. Date and location TBC.

Affected residents of Addington Road were letter dropped on the 6th July with a further letter drop for nearby side streets posted yesterday.



London Youth Games
11/07/2017 09:24:00.......Posted by Sara Bashford


I was really pleased to attend the London Youth Games finals on Sunday. Croydon came 8th overall and put in an amazing performance in a wide variety of sports. I was pleased to be able to be present when our team received their medals for second place in the Aquathon.

Well done to all our young peole who took place and represented the Borough.




1 hour free parking
11/07/2017 09:22:00.......Posted by Sara Bashford

Selsdon district centre will benefit from 1 hours free parking, which is an improvement to the previous 30 minutes. It was felt that 30 minutes didn’t allow shoppers to do everything they needed and now there won’t be so much watch checking to see if you need to get back to the car.

We hope this will encourage more people to shop in Selsdon and visit the excellent coffee shops, restaurants and other valued services we have.





LGBCE - Recommendations and how they affect Selsdon and Ballards
04/07/2017 16:06:00.......Posted by Sara Bashford

The Local Government Boundary Review Commission has published its final recommendations for Croydon. Details can be found at

For Selsdon and Ballards it does mean a change as the current ward won’t exist from May 2018 (unless Parliament disagrees with the outcomes). There will be two new wards – Selsdon Vale and Forestdale and Selsdon and Addington Village.

In summary the changes are:

1.       Selsdon Vale and Forestdale ward will be mostly south of Addington Road eg Ravenshead Close, Selsdon Vale and Forestdale.

2.       Selsdon and Addington Village will include homes north of the Addington Road eg Littleheath Road, Ballards and the roads to Addington Village.

3.       There will be a few roads that will move into Sanderstead ward eg Norfolk Avenue.

If you want more details the website will provide it, but we hope that these changes will not affect the representation you have had for the last few years.



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