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 The Selsdon & Addington Village Blog
Cllr  Helen  Pollard
Robert  Ward

20/10/2015 07:27:00......Posted by Sara Bashford

Last night at Full Council I spoke in a debate and thought you may like to see what I said.

The debate motion was:-

“This Council calls upon the government to end the practice of "In year cuts" to the council's budget such as the 4 million pounds taken from the unaccompanied asylum seeking children’s’ budget.”

I said:-

It is regrettable that budgets are cut in year as it makes planning ahead difficult and creates uncertainty which is never good for staff, service users and residents as a whole, so I support the sentiment of this motion but it has to be said that those in control of the Council have to make their choices based on what is available and decide how best to use it, so regardless of cuts in funding they have to make choices on what should be funded and what not. This is never done once a year and is an ongoing process so changes need to be considered and then acted on.


As I say it is all down to choices and it is interesting to see what choices this administration has made.


They have chosen to spend £1.5 Million on changing the speed of the borough to 20MPH even though the police made it clear at the Scrutiny meeting that looked at this, that they couldn’t enforce it.


They chose to spend over 22K on the “stones of Croydon Project” placing large boulders in varying location which then had their plaques stolen.


They chose to spend £200K on the Fairness commission which the leader has described as interesting.


They chose to spend £100k on a festival.


They chose to hold a bike race around the town centre, so the Leader could have his moment on National TV, rather than use the money to fund safety cycling projects.


They have also chosen to put forward three green belt locations for traveller sites even though this is against national government policy and also encourage back land development.


They have chosen to charge for green garden waste collection, which is essentially an increase in Council Tax for many households.


They have chosen to close the Fairfield Halls for 2 1/5 years, with the loss of around 115 jobs.


They have also chosen to ignore things they said they would do whilst in opposition. You will recall Cllr Godfrey said he would end the library contract and bring it back in house, but hasn’t chosen to do this. Cllr Collins said he would stop the incinerator and has he stopped it no, he says it was too expensive. No more expensive than when he was in opposition so again a another choice.


Also they were going to move all staff out of Bernard Weatherill House and have they chosen to, no and interestingly Cllr Hall has said how fantastic the building is.


So whilst we will hear labour whinging about cuts in budgets and whilst I have some sympathy for the situation they currently find themselves in,  we must never forget that what they do and don’t do, it their choice and their choices affect our residents. So whilst the current cuts I know makes life difficult,  you are in control of the finances and you have to decide for the residents of the borough how they are spent.


It is all about choices.


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 Other Blog Posts

Lovely day for a walk in Littleheath woods
18/02/2018 13:48:00.......Posted by Robert Ward


Spring is peeking through in our local woods, really well looked after by the Friends group. Took my Sainsburys bag with me but only found a few discarded cans, a couple rather deep in the thorns. It would help if the inconsiderate people who threw cans away didn't cast them deep into the undergrowth in the first place.

There was occasional evidence of what looked like moped tracks on the pathways. Something to watch out for when the weather gets milder. The police are aware and do patrol the area.

That said our local woods are a wonderful facility to have on our doorstep. Please do all you can to help the Friends in their work to preserve it for everyone.



Selsdon Ward Panel meeting 15th February 2018
15/02/2018 23:06:00.......Posted by Robert Ward

This evening I attended the Selsdon & Ballards Local Policing Team Panel meeting at the Selsdon Centre for the Retired. Progress is reported as good on the “Ward promises” which are the three areas agreed to be the focus for our local policing team.

·         The areas of the Addington Road identified as locations for anti-social behaviour are patrolled regularly. A recent arrest has resulted in a case going to court.

·         Burglaries are generally low in Selsdon but are still a risk. People are advised to be vigilant and especially not to leave windows open. Motor vehicles should always be locked when unattended.

·         Speeding is still a problem, especially at certain locations. The police are aware.

On the High Street work has started on the former Barclays Bank site, part of which has permission to become a fast food outlet. The work seems to have stopped for the moment but we can expect this to open before the summer. The changing nature of the High Street with more fast food outlets and some traditional shops closing will require monitoring.

The next ward panel meeting will be in May. Twitter users can follow our local policing team at @MPSSelsdon.




Borough-wide Residents Association meeting
12/02/2018 21:51:00.......Posted by Robert Ward


It was a full house at the Borough-wide Residents Association meeting this evening where the main subject was planning issues. Councillor Tim Pollard, leader of the Conservative group on Croydon Council and Conservative’s planning lead, Councillor Jason Perry brought us up to speed on where we stand on the planning process and how it has been operating in recent times. A lively discussion followed.

In brief, the Croydon Local Plan, which is the framework document for planning related issues in the Borough, is likely to be approved in the next couple of months, all opportunities for comment and revision having been exhausted. The net result is that Croydon will be expected to deliver a significant volume of additional housing, a number that is only likely to be increased by requirements imposed from above by Labour Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who is updating the London Plan, with which the Croydon plan must comply. This is a significant concern, especially so since the Labour-led Croydon Planning Committee has routinely been approving unsustainable and out of character planning applications against the wishes of local residents.

Councillor Pollard shared some ideas for improving the participation and influence of local residents in the planning process which might be included in the Conservative manifesto for the upcoming Council elections. Make sure you come out and vote on May 3rd to make a difference to the future of your local community.



John Ruskin College
01/02/2018 18:09:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Attended a meeting of the Quality Improvement Board at John Ruskin College.  This sub-committee of the governing body is taking a detailed look at the work that is being done to address the issues raised in the recent Ofsted inspection.



Scrutiny Meeting about Parks and Fairfield Halls
30/01/2018 18:08:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Attended the meeting of the Scrutiny Committee where the Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Sport was providing an update.  I asked when the 'Croydon Talks Parks' consultation results would be published as they were due in January.  Apparently, the findings will be available in February.  This is disappointing as many parks groups have sat patiently through two consultation processes and still there is no investment in parks. 

I have been a councillor for Fairfield Ward for nearly four years, and in all that time the toilets in Park Hill Park have been in a poor state of repair and practically unusable.  £100,000 of s106 money from town centre developments has been earmarked for Park Hill Park for more than four years and yet it has still not been spent.   This is hugely frustrating for park users who can't understand why the work keeps being delayed - they don't need the £100k consultation process to tell them the toilets need to be replaced. 

Cllr Mohan asked when Fairfield Halls would be opening and, once again, there was a very vague answer.  It is clear they really don't know when it will be opening, but, from what was said, there probably won't be a full programme at the venue until the Autumn 2019.



Council Meeting
29/01/2018 18:07:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

In the Town Hall for a meeting of the whole Council.  Made a speech in relation to the library service in Croydon which has seen an increase in visitor numbers since 2014.  



Light Festival
27/01/2018 18:29:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Went to the Light Festival which was being held in Trumble Gardens, which is a park in Thornton Heath.  Some spectacular displays of illuminated plants and animals.



John Ruskin College
23/01/2018 18:28:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Attended a meeting of the governors of John Ruskin College.  It is a challenging time for the College, with the changes in funding for apprenticeships. 



Cabinet Meeting
22/01/2018 18:27:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Attended a meeting of Croydon's Cabinet in the Town Hall.  Asked the Labour administration about the plans for Fairfield Halls and the Leader stated that the venue opening will be in 2019.  No explanation about why this is later than we had previously been led to believe.  Disappointed that the venue will not be available for residents in 2018 as originally planned.

The outcome of the 'Croydon Talks Parks' consultation is due in January so I asked Cllr Godfrey when this would be available and what resource is in place to implement the new masterplans.  There was no answer to this.  Instead there was an attack on the Conservative government.  Still none the wiser about whether anything will ever be delivered in terms of masterplans and the implementation of these plans.  Park users are sure to feel very let down.



Funds available for tree planting.
11/09/2017 10:49:00.......Posted by Sara Bashford

We are pleased that we have the money availiabe for planting 15 trees in our ward. They need to be planted in existing tree pits where the current tree has previously been removed or died.

If you know of an empty tree pit and you wouldl like a tree planted please let Cllr Phil Thomas know by email  -




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