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 The Selsdon & Addington Village Blog
Cllr  Helen  Pollard
Cllr  Robert  Ward

Last night's fiasco - Part 2
18/12/2014 14:12:00......Posted by Sara Bashford


Further to my previously post – Last night’s fiasco - I am pleased to say the decision not to webcast the Scrutiny meeting was changed and it is available on the Council’s website should anyone wish to watch it, be warned it is very long.

In summary Cllr Newman (The Leader of the Council) said again that everything was the fault of national government. He then went on to state that “he wouldn’t bleat on about the Government settlement” which provoked a smirk from those present. Guess what, within 15 minutes he blamed his decisions on the Government settlement. He is also of the opinion that if a Labour Government win the general election in May that somehow more money will wing its way to Croydon. Looking back this is why we are in the financial state we are as the last Labour Government didn’t keep control of the finances.

I am pleased that he confirmed that the Council has no plans to build on school playing fields regardless of whether they are council owned or run by academies. This is a real victory for us and a big thank you to everyone who signed the petition to stop this happening. The voice of the people was definitely heard.

He then went on to say there would be “no discrimination for any part of the borough” but when I asked him why his Cabinet Colleague Cllr Collins was planning to increase rubbish collection in the north of the Borough and not the south, he said that was need and not discrimination. In my view what is good for one area should be good for the other. So we will wait and see what non-discrimination looks like after the budget is passed in February.

He also told us that “policy is about choices” so when he was asked about why he chose not to keep Purley Pool open but refurbish a building in a park in Ashburton and provide a new leisure centre in New Addington, he blamed the previous administration and the Conservative coalition Government, what a surprise. We very much hope this poor decision will be reversed (like building on playing fields) and we still have the use of a swimming pool in the south of the borough.

The other interesting but worrying point he made when questioned about what his Fairness Commission would be doing, he said that they will TELL us what to do. I am not sure exactly what that means, but it does seem like another group to blame his decisions on if they are unpopular. If they are popular I am sure he will claim credit.

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Winter Energy Advice event at Selsdon Library on Thursday 7th February
03/02/2019 18:13:00.......Posted by Robert Ward


Croydon Council will be running a winter energy advice drop in session at Selsdon Library on Thursday 7th February between 10.00am and 1.00pm.

At the event residents can get free independent energy bill and tariff advice from a qualified energy assessor, including help finding and switching to lower energy tariffs, and advice about any debt they owe their energy supplier.  They will also be able to find out about support offered through the Croydon Healthy Homes home visits, including assisting eligible households to apply for free larger energy efficiency measures (energy efficient boilers, heating controls and cavity wall/loft insulation etc).

This event is one of a series of events being run over the winter months in partnership with the Upper Norwood Library Trust, who have staff trained as energy assessors.   Details of other events are available on the Council website

Please do go along and also encourage anyone else who might benefit to come along too. Please bring along a recent gas and electricity bill. 

Full details about Croydon Healthy Homes are available at




Winter Energy Advice
03/02/2019 16:52:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

The Council will be running a winter energy advice drop in session at Selsdon Library on Thursday 7th February between 10.00am and 1.00pm.

At the event residents can get free independent energy bill and tariff advice from a qualified energy assessor, including help finding and switching to lower energy tariffs, and advice about any debt they owe their energy supplier.  They will also be able to find out about support we offer through our Croydon Healthy Homes home visits, including assisting eligible households apply for free larger energy efficiency measures (energy efficient boilers, heating controls and cavity wall/loft insulation etc).

Details of other events are available on the Council website



Monks Hill Community Room
02/02/2019 16:50:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

In the last few weeks I have heard that GLL have raised the possibility that the community room in the Monks Hill Sports Centre could be turned into a gym.  I know this caused great concern from the Over 50s lunch club.

I met with a senior Council officer last week and asked her about the GLL plans.  I pointed out the following:

"When I was the councillor for Heathfield before this was built, I secured £100,000 from the council to include a community space within the redevelopment of the Quest Academy and the Sports Centre.  This formed part of the planning application that was approved in 2013.   The community space was to replace the Edgecoombe Community Centre which closed as it was in poor repair.  If the money had not been allocated for this purpose the space would not have been included in the redevelopment.  It was never intended that it should be part of the sports complex.

The Over 50s lunch club moved to the new community space when it opened and the facility included provisions to allow for this use, including separate access, toilets and a kitchen."

I don’t think GLL had been aware of the background about the community room.  I get the impression that they are now backing off and the message from the Council officer is that they were only having initial discussions about it. 

One of the reasons they were raising this as an idea was the lack of use of the community room.  I have therefore asked for a meeting with GLL to see what can be done to increase usage and make it more available to local residents.  The Edgecoombe Community Centre was very well used so there is every reason to expect that the community room would be equally in demand.



Funds secured for playground upgrade
01/02/2019 16:51:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

A number of residents have commented on the poor condition of the playground in Addington Park and also the one in Selsdon Recreation Ground. 

I have raised this with a senior officer at the Council and I am pleased to report that funding has been secured to refurbish the Addington Park playground.  A bid is also being submitted to get funds to refurbish the Selsdon playground and the officer seemed reasonably confident that funds could be secured.

The process for getting the funds should be completed by May and the plan is to consult with residents about the proposed improvements during the summer. 

This is good news for Selsdon residents and should bring these well-used community assets up to the standard required for our children to use safely.



Council Meeting
28/01/2019 16:42:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Attended a meeting of the Full Council in the Town Hall.  A Selsdon resident came to the meeting to ask a public question about bin collections. He has suffered terrible service from the Council - broken bins, missed collections, and poor customer service when he complained.   He is one of many residents who have had issues with bin collections in the last 6 months.  I hope Cllr Stuart Collins does as he promised at the meeting, and sorts out the bin issues for this resident, and many others who have suffered poor service.  



JRC Last Board Meeting
22/01/2019 16:43:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Last meeting of the Board of John Ruskin College before the College merges with East Surrey College.  The staff of JRC have maintained their focus on delivering excellent quality education for their learners despite the obviously unsettling merger process. 



Cabinet Meeting
21/01/2019 16:44:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Welcomed the Creative Enterprise Zone investment in culture in Croydon. Looking forward to becoming a 'music city' and seeing our arts scene flourish. Asked for a 'spoke' for the 'hub' to be in the south of Croydon as well as the one in the north of the borough.



Ballards Farm
12/01/2019 16:45:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Spent the morning meeting residents in the Ballards Farm area of Selsdon.  Good to discuss issues in the area.



Health advice for the New Year - start as you mean to go on
07/01/2019 15:04:00.......Posted by Robert Ward

Croydon Council has some good advice for residents who want to start the New Year by making plans for a healthier and happier life.

The JustBe Croydon website at has tips and advice to support you to achieve those common resolutions like quitting smoking, losing weight and being more active. Visit the website and set yourself some realistic, personal goals to boost your overall health and wellbeing.

The website has a Health MOT tool, which only takes five minutes to complete. It gives you a personalised report to consider how best to meet your health goals in the coming year.

You can also visit a Croydon Live Well advisor at their nearest health hub and speak to them about getting fitter and improving your mind and body. There is no need to make an appointment to see an advisor. The health hub locations can be found on the JustBe Croydon website.

A few simple changes like reducing the salt and sugar in your food and drink and just a few minutes of exercise daily, can make a big difference to your future health and happiness. My own experience is that slowly reducing salt and sugar works. Think also about getting your cholesterol tested.

It's not easy to change but taking it slowly and with determination can make a real difference to you. Go for it.



Recycling and collection of Christmas trees
05/01/2019 23:46:00.......Posted by Robert Ward

Following on from the success of last year’s Christmas tree collections, Croydon Council will be collecting trees from kerbside properties again this year.

Once the festivities are over you can place your tree out for collection on your refuse collection day between Monday 14 January and Friday 25 January.  Before you put your tree out for collection, please make sure you have removed all decorations, stands and pots.  If these have not been removed, your tree may not be collected. For more details look here.

If you don’t live in a kerbside property, you can still recycle your Christmas tree for free by taking it to a Household Reuse and Recycling Centre.



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