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 The Sanderstead Blog
Cllr  Lynne  Hale
Cllr  Yvette  Hopley
Cllr  Tim  Pollard

East Surrey Transport Committee Meeting
20/11/2014 09:41:00......Posted by Yvette Hopley

There follows a report from one of the members of the East Surrey Transport Committee.  The report highlights some of the pressures on our busy rail service and some of the improvements that we can look forward to.


As requested by the ESTC Network Rail has cut back the growth from the embankment encroaching onto the pavement in Carlton Road.

A height barrier has been erected on the approach to the Sanderstead Station car-park from Mayfield Road.  This is to stop “Travellers” from setting up a camp in the car-park.

There are ongoing problems on the East Grinsted/Uckfield line.  They are varied so Southern and Network Rail are paying special attention to the problems.

Uckfield Line

A new Electrification RUS is due out in 2015 which is expected to increase the number of routes to be electrified. It is hoped that the Uckfield line will be included.

The platforms in the stations on the Uckfield line are being lengthened for longer diesel trains.  They will be longer than necessary so that they will be long enough for 12 coach electric trains.

Sussex Area Route Study

The guest speaker was Paul Best, Network Planning, Network Rail.  He came to talk about the Sussex Area Route Study.

The Sussex Route Utilisation Strategy (RUS) published in 2010 described the improvements to the Southern Area in Control Period 5 (2014 t0 2019) to meet the expected demand on the railway. The improvements in Control Period 5 include an additional platform at Redhill that is due to be finished in 2017 and the rebuilding of London Bridge Station for the Thames Link Programme.

The Sussex Area Route Study is for the improvements required after 2019.  The study has forecast that 4 extra trains will be required on the Brighton Main line by 2023 and 6 more by 2043.  The Area Route Study identifies the improvements required during Control Period 6 (2019 to 2024) to achieve the additional capacity required.

The study also says that the time keeping on the Brighton Main Line is below the national average,  T%his is because there are too many flat junctions on the Southern.

The Study identifies 6 pinch points on the Brighton Main Line that limit capacity and cause delays:

·   Victoria Station

·   Clapham Junction

·   Windmill Bridge Junction (the junction between Selhurst, Norwood Junction, West Croydon and East Croydon.

·   East Croydon Station

·   Stoats Nest Junction

·   Keymer Junction (the junction where the line to Lewes leaves the Brighton Main Line between Wivelsfield and Burgess Hill

Victoria Station

There is a shortage of main line platforms at Victoria Station.  At the present time a few Southern trains use platform 8 but in order to do so, have to use Southeastern tracks which reduces the capacity of the Southeastern side of the station. It is intended to provide a direct connection from platform 8 to the Southern tracks bypassing the Southeastern tracks.  In order to do so 4 of the supports for the shopping centre above the station will have to be moved.

Clapham Junction

The delays at Clapham Junction are caused by extended dwell times in the peak period.  It is intended to connect Victoria end platforms 16 and 17 (the platforms for the West London Line) to the line to Victoria so giving additional platforms for the trains to and from Victoria.  It is intended that the fast trains will use platforms 12, 13 and 14 and the local trains platforms 15 and 16.  Platform 17 will be used for the West London Line.  There will have to be major engineering work at the East Croydon end of the station because the platforms will have to be lengthened under the houses at the southern end of the station.

Windmill Bridge Junction

This is the busiest junction on British Railways with over 1600 trains a day and can cause major delays.  It is intended to provide a grade separated junction between the Victoria and London Bridge lines.  This will be a flyover or fly-under.  Network Rails preference is for a flyover but this would have to pass over the present flyover.  The advantage of a flyover is that it would cause less disruption to services while it was being built.  Also the connection between the local lines from Victoria to the West Croydon line will be lengthened to allow 12 coach trains to wait for access to West Croydon without blocking the Victoria local lines.

In Control Period 7 it is hoped to rebuild West Croydon Station and it may be necessary to provide to provide 3 tracks between Windmill Bridge Junction and West Croydon Station.

East Croydon Station

East Croydon Station is working to maximum capacity and so it is intended to provide two extra platforms and decking over the station to provide more circulating space.  This will be achieved by moving platform 1 and 2 towards platform 3.  There used to be a 3rd track between platforms 2 and 3 so there is room to move platforms 1 and 2.  The new platforms will have to be to the north of the current platforms in order to make room for the connections to the new platforms without having to rebuild the road bridge.  The decking will provide access to the new platforms.

Stoats Nest Junction.

It is intended to provide a grade separated junction between the up fast and up slow lines to avoid conflicting movements which cause delays on the down fast line.

Keymer Junction.

It is intended to provide a grade separated junction here to eliminate conflicting movements and reduce delays.  Wivelsfield station will have to be rebuilt as well.


All these changes will be expensive.  However Windmill Bridge Junction is the busiest junction on the railway system and East Croydon is busier than either Reading or Birmingham New Street both of which are having multimillion pound makeovers at the present time.


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Addington Road - Sapling Finally Planted
18/04/2018 18:02:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


After a number of requests the damaged sapling on the Addington Road has finally been planted.  Street trees add such value and its pretty blossoms will soon form new growth.



Large Street Tree in Lower Barn Road
16/04/2018 11:50:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley

The council have promised that the large tree running alongside Riddlesdown Lawn Tennis Club is at last going to have a crown reduction.  The leaf fall is impacting one side of the tennis courts and needs a good prune.  The promise is to do the work within the next two months so fingers crossed!




Public Footpath 142 - Purley Oaks Road - Sanderstead Road
16/04/2018 11:28:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


Residents have raised concerns over the condition of the footpath between Purley Oaks Road and Sanderstead Road.  The rail has broken and is missing on one section of the steep incline, making it difficult for residents, in particular, the elderly, to use the pathway.  Moss and leaf mould has taken a grip of a large section of the pathway making it extremely slippery in wet and icy conditions.  It hasn't helped that the council haven't picked up the winter leaf fall which line the pathway on both sides.  I have taken these issues up with the council and hope that action will soon be taken to get the footway back into safe use.



Joy Gadsby 3 January 1928 - 14 March 2018
13/04/2018 12:17:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


I was extremely sad to learn that Joy Gadsby passed away on 14 March 2018.  I know that many residents attended her funeral at All Saints Church. She was a wealth of knowledge and had not only provided me with information for the Sanderstead News over the last fourteen years but had written articles for numerous editors before me. She was a keen and knowledgeable botanist who took a great interest in her local environment, particularly the ancient woodland adjoining Sanderstead.  In fact, her very last article published in the March edition of the Sanderstead News was about Kings Wood.

As well as being a faithful worshipper at All Saints she was a lover of Scandanavian life and culture and had many friends in both Denmark and Norway.

Joy never married, her young man being killed in World War II and lived in Sanderstead all her life.  They are now united.  We will all miss Joy and the huge contribution she made to the local community.  We are looking at celebrating her life in some way perhaps by planting a tree or a rose in Wettern Tree Gardens.  We work closely with the Sanderstead Residents Associaton and will discuss an appropriate way forward at the next meeting.




Sanderstead Ward Crime Prevention Day - 21st April
12/04/2018 12:48:00.......Posted by Lynne Hale

Our local Sanderstead Neighbourhood Police Team are holding a Crime Prevention Day on Saturday 21st April which residents may wish to pop along to. Local Police Officers will be on hand to discuss how best to protect your home and vehicle. The details are as follows:
Date: Saturday 21st April
Time: 10.45am – 1.45pm
Place: St Edmund’s Church Hall, Mitchley Avenue, Riddlesdown CR2 9HL



Caravan on Mitchley Avenue/Dunmail Drive field
12/04/2018 09:15:00.......Posted by Tim Pollard


Yesterday residents started to report that a caravan had been delivered to the field at the bottom of Dunmail Drive where it meets Michley Hill/Mitchley Avenue. This is the field which has been used for a while to graze horses. A few years ago the owner got permission (against the ward team and local residents' associations wishes) from the Labour-controlled planning committee to put down hard standing and access gating, which they said they needed to facilitate the care of the horses. The land is Green Belt, which severely limits what can go on it.

I have asked planning officers to visit and advise whether the caravan can lawfully remain there (and if not, to take enforcement action). It looks as though the caravan is there with the permission of the field's owner and it doesn't appear to be the start of an illegal encampment, but we will keep and eye on it and make sure there are no additions whilst officers review it.



Hamsey Green Pond - Refuse and Neglect
09/04/2018 17:50:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


I have been working closely with the Sanderstead Residents' Association and local organisations such as the Rotary Club to improve the biodiversity and general appearance of Hamsey Green Pond.  Cllr Pollard and I planted crocus bulbs and the three local councillors alongside the Sanderstead Residents' Association funded the new railings, gate and hardstanding as well as organising the new noticeboard and benches for people to sit and enjoy this quiet place of contemplation.  Sadly, the pond itself is in a terrible condition.  Refuse and litter are strewn all around the pond and an old for sale board is now the main feature of the area.  I have repeatedly asked that the parrot weed be cleared and the whole area be cleaned of refuse and debris but sadly this does not seem to be a priority for this administration.  Despite being recognised as an important conservation and biodivrsity area recently listed in the local plan it is severely neglected.  Many residents have complained saying they are unable to enjoy this spot and are deeply saddened by its condition.  All I can say is that I will continue to email the council and the cabinet member asking that this important place is not neglected and work take place so that the community can enjoy this rare and beautiful pond.  As an update to this post the council is trying to facilitate a way forward with the developer to see if they would be willing to work with the council.







All Saints’ Church Graveyard in Sanderstead
03/04/2018 21:25:00.......Posted by Tim Pollard


I've been visiting a number of the 31 green spaces which our Labour council managed to fail to get protected in the 'Local Plan' it recently adopted. These are a mix of playgrounds, small parklets, large recreation grounds and graveyards, all of which now have no local protection from development. 

One such is in Sanderstead, the graveyard of All Saints Church in Sanderstead. Like 30 other spaces in our borough, under Labour’s ‘Local Plan’ adopted in February, it does not have any local protection from development. As a graveyard, it seems unlikely to be a target for even the most rapacious property developer in the future, but sadly the same cannot be said for all the spaces Labour failed to get protected. This is a place of quiet contemplation and remembrance, rather than a thriving park like South Croydon Rec (also unprotected). It can be spooky at night, as I captured  as part of a project on night photography, which I love doing. Spaces like this will always be protected by any Conservative administration I lead, whatever the local plan might say.

If you want to see the pic a little larger, please click here.



King's Wood Paths & Signs
30/03/2018 19:41:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


The three Sanderstead councillors were pleased to contribute a significant sum of money to the Downland Project to improve some of the entrances to King's Wood.

Access is particularly difficult when the weather is wet and the new and improved surface in many of the entrance areas will give better access throughout the year.

Quotes have also been received for new welcome signs and these will be funded jointly by the Sanderstead Residents Association and the councillors.  Hopefully it won't belong before these are installed and the work is complete on the pathways.



Ken's Auto's Site - Development Well Underway
30/03/2018 13:23:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley


The development on the site of Ken's Autos is progressing well.  As can be seen from the photograph the main structure is complete and the row of six bedroom terraced houses look very smart.  Cllr Lynne Hale and I met with the developers in the pre-application process and we are pleased to see that many of the comments we made in relation to the style and design have been incorporated in the build.  Of particular importance was consideration to the houses in Kingswood Lane and the row of small family homes has reduced that impact.  It will be interesting to see who takes on the commercial aspect of the build.  Whilst some residents had hoped for a Marks and Spencers I understand that other expressions of interest have been mooted.




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