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 The Coulsdon Town Blog
Cllr  Luke  Clancy
Cllr  Mario  Creatura
Ian  Parker

Travellers in Lion Green Road car park
04/02/2015 09:57:00......Posted by Mario Creatura


A group of travellers have broken into Lion Green Road car park and set up camp there.

Overnight they appear to have cut the padlocks to the height barriers to gain access.

I reported it to the Council and Coulsdon West Safer Neighbourhood Team early this morning and I've been assured that the Council's enforcement team is assessing the situation.

I will update this blog as and when I receive more information.

Update 4/4/15 at 12:59pm

An initial assessment has been carried out for the travellers at Lion Green Rd car park. Notice is due to be served requiring them to leave today. The police have been asked to support the Council (even with casually monitoring) as these are a reportedly a difficult group.

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 Other Blog Posts

Speech on fly-tipping in Croydon
31/01/2018 07:06:00.......Posted by Mario Creatura


On Monday's Council meeting I gave a speech on fly-tipping in Croydon - you can watch the speech here or read a transcript below:

I am pleased so speak in favour of this motion tonight, a motion that promotes a positive, proactive vision for boosting tackling the menace of fly-tipping in Croydon.

It’s something that residents right across the borough tell us is sorely needed. Despite what you hear from Labour’s spin rooms, the record of the current administration is one of downright failure.

The Evening Standard only in October last year revealed that Croydon was one of the worst boroughs in London for fly-tipping, the only borough south of the River Thames with a ‘high’ fly-tipping rate. Yet if you listened to our Labour-run Council, everything is wonderful!

Let’s look at the stats, in black and white, tell a different story: 2013-14, the year Labour took control of Croydon Council, and compare it to the latest stats from the Office of National Statistics:

-        Across London, fly-tips increased by 12% in that period.

-        Across England, it went up by 18%.

-        But in Croydon? It went up by a whopping 64%!

64%! If that isn’t concrete proof of a Labour Administration desperately out of their depth, then I don’t know what is.

To make matters worse, Croydon has the second highest clean-up costs of any London borough – even that would be bearable if it were effective. But it’s not. Our clean-up costs are only surpassed by Enfield, who deal with three times as many. 38% of our total clean-up bill goes on clearing just 8% of Croydon’s fly-tips! The unrepentant waste from our Labour Council is astounding. Think what we could do with that taxpayer money if it was run properly!

Where is the proactivity? Where is the innovation? Where is the real, tangible impact on improving the cleanliness of our borough? Cllr Collins is like the Wizard of Oz - big PR campaigns! Huge posters! Emails and leaflets galore! But peak behind the Wizard of Croydon’s curtain and you’ll see a propaganda machine in over-drive, Veolia contracts spiralling out of control and a small, scared Labour Party desperately hoping they can distract residents for just long enough that they cling on at the election in May.

But the people of Croydon aren’t fools. They know fly-tipping has got worse in the last three years – on Labour’s watch.

The people of Croydon aren’t fools. This closed and secretive Labour Council would do well to remember that, because their time hoodwinking our town is just about up.



Council plans to demolish Community Centre and cut parking in Coulsdon
01/01/2018 18:21:00.......Posted by Mario Creatura


The Labour-run Council has recently put in a number of planning applications which will:

  • Demolish the Coulsdon Community Centre on Barrie Close and replace it with 33 flats
  • Move the Centre to the old CALAT site, cutting its parking provision by 1/3
  • Erect flats for some 237 residents, whilst cutting public parking provision in Coulsdon

I have written to the Council objecting to these plans. You can read my full arguments below. If you could like to do the same you can visit the applications and easily post your views: plan to demolish the Centre are here and the plans for Lion Green Road are here.

The more who object, and the more who attend the Planning Committee where it'll get decided, the more likely it is to be thrown out. I hope the Council will listen, and I'll be working with my fellow Councillors to do just that!


I would like to please object to two linked applications 17/06216/FUL and 17/06297/FUL and refer them both to the Planning Committee for refusal.

Taking them each in turn:

17/06216/FUL - demolition of existing community centre and erection of 33 residential units comprising 4 one bedroom flats, 12 two bedroom flats and 17 three bedroom houses, together with provision of car parking, landscaping and other associated works). My reasons are as follows:

1.     There is no compelling case for the Council owned and run development company to use Croydon taxpayer funds to relocate the Coulsdon Community Centre given its immense popularity with the thousands of residents who use it on a regular basis. It is fine where it is and has served its community very well under its current management committee.

2.     Parking is already very heavily congested at the section of Chipstead Valley Road that the Centre currently occupies, including the perpendicular roads of Coniston and Sherwood. One space per property for 33 properties is not enough for these new builds and will only make parking worse for those residents already in the locale - particularly those in Barrie Close.

3.     As the new proposed development is up hill from existing properties there is fear from the many residents who have contact me that they will be able to look down directly into bedrooms and bathrooms of existing properties, seriously affecting privacy and security.


The council’s own Development Presentations for item 5.1 of the Committee Planning Agenda for 21 November 2017 state: “Thought should be had in terms of mitigating the loss of privacy experienced at these properties, perhaps through landscaping provision.” The planning statement’s claim that “existing residents [sic] amenity is protected” is therefore contradicted by the council’s own documentation, and nothing has been included in the design to mitigate this issue.

The 21st November 2017 Development Presentations for item 5.1 of the Committee Planning Agenda state:

“It is considered that 3 storeys would be an appropriate maximum height for the properties to avoid the development having an overbearing impact on the surrounding 2 storey context. It is important that only the rooftops of the properties are visible through the trees from the surrounding area to be consistent with local character.”

The design of four storeys high is therefore contradictory to the council’s own development presentation. A reduction in the height/size of the development should be considered to mitigate these very real fears.

4.     There is fear that the removal of trees will negatively impact the local ecosystem.

5.     It is well known that the sewage system on this part of Chipstead Valley Road has overflown several times in recent years, adding this many properties to the outflow without heavily investing in underground sewage infrastructure is believed it will only make the problem worse.

6.     There are a large number of other residential developments that are either in construction, have been recently finished or have recently been approved including the hundreds of homes on Cane Hill, the Lion Green Car Park development, new flats at 177 Chipstead Valley Road, new flats at 193/195 Chipstead Valley Road etc. all with insufficient parking provision. Altogether, this will result in around an extra 900 dwellings in Coulsdon. Without any planned changes to the town’s infrastructure – especially with regard to trains, roads and schools – this is a clear case of over-development.

7.     The loss of the existing Coulsdon Community Centre building would be a sad event. The building dates to 1935 and has much architectural and historic interest to the local community. It is well-used, with 95% occupancy rate. Last year Cllr Timothy Godfrey, Labour Cabinet Member for culture, praised the community services offered by the Coulsdon Community Centre and has cited it repeatedly as an example of best practice in the borough. Demolishing this Centre seems entirely contradictory, hypocritical and destructive to our community.

17/06297/FUL - redevelopment of site to provide 5no. five, six,seven storey buildings providing 96 one bedroom, 42 two bedroom and 19 three bedroom flats: provision of vehicular access, residential and town centre car parking spaces, hard and soft landscaping works and new private and public amenity space.

1.     Out of keeping with the local area: the 7-storey buildings are at the back of the site where the elevation is higher.  The plans appear to reduce the elevation from the current level, however I believe the development will appear to be more like 8-stoeys above St Dunsten’s Cottages.

2.     The previous plans for this site proposed a non-residential development of four-storeys. This is significantly higher than that, and all other properties in the locale. Consideration should be considered to revise this application so that the height-limit is protected and therefore in keeping with the local area.

3.     There will be a loss of light to the rear of St Dunsten’s Cottages and Wells Cottages not to mention a loss of privacy at rear of St Dunsten’s Cottages homes, in back gardens and to Wells Cottages.

4.     St Dunsten’s Cottages are part of a Local Heritage Area.  The view of the cottages with towers over them will result in a significant loss of their aesthetic charm. There is deep concern that the huge scale of this development will put that at risk, harming the character of the local area which should be protected.

5.     Impact of increased traffic and changing traffic flows at the Chipstead Valley Road/Lion Green/Woodcote Grove Road junction.  This is further impacted by the development of the Coulsdon Community centre and the increased capacity planned at Smitham School.

6.     The Traffic Assessment makes no mention of the Chipstead Valley Road/Lion Green/Woodcote Grove Road junction. This surprised all of us as anyone local to the area would see the contact queue of traffic at that junction. Adding to this daily misery for my residents should not be something actively pursued by this Council.

7.     The biggest reason for objecting to this application, however, is lack of consideration for the increased strain on local infrastructure that the at least 237 additional residents (96 x 1; 42 x 2 and 19 x 3) will have. Virtually everyone agrees that Coulsdon needs more parking. The site has historically had 350 parking spaces, now cut to 115.

8.     The current Lion Green Road car park has over 100 of its 115 spaces used nearly all day. In the context of the rest of the town, there is no argument for reducing this provision:

o   The CALAT car park has 35 well-used spaces.

o   Aldi car park is often full with four or more queuing and over-flowing into the main road, obstructing public transport and other vehicles.

o   Waitrose car park likewise is often full with a couple queuing and some obstruction of passing traffic. 

o   The side roads with free bays or no controls are also heavily parked - notably The Avenue, The Grove and South Drive. Other roads with no charges are also well parked.

9.     Continued reduction of parking provision will continue to strangle local businesses, harm the environment through increase pollution and over-burden our straining local infrastructure. This is not the first time that I’ve written to the Council or spoken at Planning Committee on this subject!



Objecting to the Purley Skyscraper
27/12/2017 23:06:00.......Posted by Mario Creatura


In the new year the planning inspector will be holding a series of public hearings to investigate the controversial Purley Baptist Church site. Below is my submission, do feel free to send in your views to as soon as possible.

Reasons for objection:

1. Excessive height, out of keeping with the local area

The tallest building at present in Purley is four to five floors. The plan you are adjudicating is for 17-storeys. This proposed scheme is therefore around five times taller than the average building in Purley.

The local character would be change utterly if this scheme was allowed to progress - indeed the next nearest 17-storey building is roughly 2-3 miles further north into Croydon town centre. The building would cast a literal shadow in the local area, and is the main reason why I feel this should be opposed.

2. Density of the development

The scheme exceeds the upper end of the density reference range as specified in the London Plan, when taken as a whole. It exceeds the upper end of the range by 17%, the lower end by 308% and exceeds the mid-point of the range by 82%. The proposed development is denser than the current London Plan allows for in a setting such as this one.

3. Harming local views

One of the attractions of living in the wider Coulsdon area is the wide expanse of park land and green spaces that local residents can enjoy. Farthing Down, further into the south of the borough, has a protected panoramic view as stipulated by the Croydon Local Plan. The Purley Baptist site development would be clearly visible the Downs and impact the protected view this protected panorama. It has been estimated that at least the top 25m of the tower (around eight storeys) would be clearly visible.

4. Construction on a flood risk site

Purley, in particular the area surrounding the Purley Baptist site, has experienced severe flooding over the past decade. The most recent extreme example is from February 2014 when the whole underpass at Purley Cross was completely underwater.

The current design of the building does not mitigate for flooding, taking extra precautions to ensure whomever lives in the building are protected. The high risk of flooding is noted in the Croydon Local Plan and construction on such sites is to be 'avoided' according to the NPPF.

5. Not enough parking (and other local infrastructure)

As one of the local councillors, by far and away our biggest complaint from residents comes not from the principle of construction, but from the lack of due care given to planning for the impact an increase in residents will have on local infrastructure.

Local roads are already severely congested, but this is exacerbated by developments approved without commensurate off-street parking. For the 220 flats proposed in the development there are only 37 parking spaces provided. Croydon's current administration bizarrely never usually sees this to be a problem in granting applications, but even they (in their planning report for the Planning Committee) admits that the development needs at least 165 car spaces (paragraph 8.149).

Section 8.147 of the same report recommends that future residents of the scheme are excluded from residents parking permits. This will cause parking chaos on other roads, forcing residents to compete for the same level of space in the surrounding area. The argument that residents choosing to move there will forgo their vehicles due to the proximity of Purley train station is fallacious - every one of those new residents will think that other new residents will either not own or not bring their cars, and the congestion will continue to increase.

Local opinion

The local residents are passionate defenders of the integrity of their community. It is an area that is well-integrated into the fabric of Croydon, with main transport routes and major road intersections meeting in the area. It is for this reason and in this context that the overwhelming opposition of residents to this scheme should be considered.

So far the GLA member; the Member of Parliament; at least 15 of my fellow local councillors and seven residents' associations are opposed to this development. You will hopefully be aware that when the application was first heard in the Council it received 616 formal responses, with 551 of those objecting - one of the highest reactions for any application in the history of the borough.



Labour hypocrisy over 'support' for local taxis
20/12/2017 09:03:00.......Posted by Mario Creatura


A few week's back I asked Labour Cllr Mark Watson about his views on local taxis and the huge increase in tax being forced on them by the Labour Mayor of London.

He replied saying that he 'believe[d] mini cabs should be regulated' and they 'should pay their fair share of tax'.
On 15th September, Transport for London's Finance Committee issued a report on taxi license fees revealing the following licensee tax increases (see left).

Transport for London is controlled by the Labour Mayor of London. As such, I asked him if he beleived this massive increase in tax on local small businesses is 'fair' as he stated previously. To this he answered: yes.
He told me earlier that he has 'met with local mini cab companies and continue[s] to support local, Croydon based companies'. I asked him if he will write to the Mayor of London opposing a nearly 1000% increase in tax for a mini cab company with just 51 cars. He said 'no'.

​The hypocrisy is simply astounding.



Gas works distruption
20/12/2017 08:55:00.......Posted by Mario Creatura


SGN have a large project to replace the gas main and services in the following roads:

  • Ridgemount Avenue
  • Woodlands Grove
  • Portnalls Rise
  • Vincent Road
  • Sherwood Road
  • Coniston Road.

The works will commence in Ridgemount Avenue on 08/01 until approx. March. The road will be made one way for the duration. The works will then continue in the order above.



A question about Mud - and the viability of businesses in BoxPark
05/12/2017 09:20:00.......Posted by Mario Creatura


A question from Councillor Mario Creatura to Councillor Mark Watson:
Today news has emerged that Mud, a unit in BoxPark, is closing its doors. 
It joins Donde, The Potato Project, Knot and many others who have shut up shop since BoxPark opened. 
Could the Cabinet Member please detail the total number of units that have closed in this Council-subsidised business?
There have been whispered reports of poor management practices in BoxPark that may have influenced this spate of closures. 
Could the Cabinet Member please research and detail the reasons why the units closed and whether he feels the rate of closure is indicative of an issue with the business model?
It is clear that there have been some changes at Boxpark since it opened with some units closing and some new ones taking their place.  It is important to recognise that our businesses are facing increasing pressures; the rise in the cost for goods, increase in business rates and pension auto enrolment to name but a few. This is especially hard for new businesses just starting their journey or existing businesses expanding into new ventures.
In order to support their tenants Boxpark have delivered an extensive event and promotional programme to attract visitors. Between January and June 2017 Boxpark Croydon held 157 events (10 of these events were held in partnership with Croydon Council).  These events featured 420 performers and were attended by 48,052 people.  
Boxpark is seen as an extremely positive addition to the Croydon economy, offering a real draw for visitors and we are very keen that we work with Boxpark, their tenants and the surrounding business community to ensure the area continues to thrive.
This year the Council has spent a lot of time engaging with hundreds of businesses through the Small Business Commission. The aim of this work was to understand the barriers to, and opportunities for business growth so that we, in partnership with others, can create the right kind of environment for our small business community to thrive and prosper. The Commission has allowed us to work with stakeholders to understand and promote the Croydon business support offering.  
I regularly meet with businesses to explore issues and will be holding a surgery in Boxpark for occupiers to better understand their concerns and to identify what the council, partners and Boxpark themselves can do to ensure continues success.

 I recommend that any business in Croydon that needs help or advice is that they contact the Economic Development Team which is well placed to offer support with regards to loan financing and Discretionary Business Rates Relief as well as general signposting to business support through initiatives such as Business Hub Navigators.  We and our partners have designed these services to delivery business growth and sustainability across Croydon.   



Aldi parking - just not good enough
04/12/2017 11:12:00.......Posted by Mario Creatura


The parking situation at the Aldi supermarket in Coulsdon is not tolerable. Cars are regularly queuing out of the entrance, across the roundabout and up the Brighton Road. This blocks the road and key access points for drivers and public transport.

We have written to Aldi's head office to ask them to urgently look into this and will post their reply. If it is not good enough, then further action will be taken to address this intolerable situation.

Dear Mr Barnes,

We write as elected representatives for Coulsdon Town Centre, the location of one of your stores.

We, and residents, welcomed the store to the Town some years ago and we very much hope the store is proving to be a success for the Aldi Group.

Local residents however have complained bitterly about the problem of cars entering the store’s car park and creating traffic flow problems at the roundabout. They are unable to speedily find a space resulting in cars backing up or stopping on the roundabout. This is having a significant impact on traffic flow through the Town Centre.

The Police have been involved at store level but were rebuffed by the duty manager at the time who claimed to be unaware of the problem. This we find hard to believe in view of the number of complaints we, the Police and local residents’ associations have received and the clear evidence of traffic disruption.

It would be appreciated if you could look into ways of solving this problem. Maybe a site visit with ourselves and the local Police with an appropriate Aldi representative would be beneficial?

Thank you in anticipation of your help sorting out this problem to the benefit of our residents and your customers.

Yours sincerely

Cllr Jeet Bains, Cllr Luke Clancy and  Mario Creatura



Letter to Lloyds Bank
04/12/2017 10:27:00.......Posted by Mario Creatura


Late last week, Coulsdon West councillors were informed about the closure of yet another bank in the town. We have written to Lloyds Bank to ask them to urgently rethink their decision:

Dear Mr Harris,

We write as the councillors for Coulsdon West ward in the London Borough of Croydon.

We are very concerned at the news we recently received that the Coulsdon branch of Lloyds Bank will be closing on 26th February 2018.

This past week we received notification of the closure of this branch, and it appears there has been no consultation among your customers or key local stakeholders. 

This news follows the closure of NatWest bank and Yorkshire BS this autumn and HSBC branch a couple of years ago. Each has made money management more difficult for our residents.

We note that you advise our residents to travel to Caterham branch in future - a full 30-minute journey from Coulsdon by public transport requiring two trains or two buses. This is not acceptable, particularly for the elderly who often do not have access to personal computers, let alone online banking.

We urge you to reverse your decision, particularly taking into account the increase in housing units that are in the process of being constructed in our town, and the footfall that will bring.

Kind Regards,

Cllr Jeet Bains, Cllr Luke Clancy, Cllr Mario Creatura and Mr Ian Parker.

​We have also written to Barclays and Santander, the remaining bank branches in Coulsdon, to ask them to confirm they will be staying in the town.

UPDATE - 5/12/17

Barclays have confirmed that they have no plans to close their branch in Coulsdon, saying:

'I can confirm that we have no plans to make any changes at this branch and if this situation changes then we will contact you.

'Clearly it is not possible to give an open ended commitment to remain open, however we do not take the decision to close any branch lightly and we are committed to following the Access to Banking Protocol.'

UPDATE - 6/12/17

Santander have written back confirming they won't be closing their branch:

'We have no current plans to close the Santander branch in Coulsdon. However, if this were to change, we would of course contact you as soon as we’re able.

'I note your concerns regarding the elderly customers of the community. We are committed to offering our customers a variety of ways to bank, including online or mobile banking, using Santander branches is just one possible option for the local communities. For customers who are unable to access online services, all Santander current account holders can also use local Post Office’s for cash and cheque deposits, withdrawals and to check their account balance. We also have Telephony Advisors who are available to support customers with account management and any advice they may require.'



New lifts and bridge to be installed at Coulsdon South station
02/11/2017 12:17:00.......Posted by Mario Creatura


Plans will shortly be going to the Planning Committee at Croydon Council for a significant investment in Coulsdon South train station.

The plans will see lifts and a bridge installed to go over the tracks to make it significantly easier for those with mobility issues to move between the two platforms.

You can look up the plans using the Council's planning portal and entering 17/05225/GPDO and send in your comments either there or by emailing

I will be writing in support of this investment, and welcome the consideration that Network Rail is making in our town.



South Drive petition success - eventually!
30/10/2017 21:18:00.......Posted by Mario Creatura


Tonight I presented a petition from the residents of South Drive in Coulsdon who ask the Council:


“It is currently extremely difficult for residents of South Drive, Coulsdon to park on the street due to parking by non-residents.

We would like Croydon Council to make parking on South Drive available to residents only, using a Pay and Display system.

We understand that those residents wishing to participate in this scheme would incur charges of £80, £126 & £305 per annum for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd permit issued to a household.”

I'm very pleased that Cllr Stuart King, the Cabinet member in charge, has agreed to consult formally with residents on this but that due to other consultations this will not happen until next Summer. Odd that it takes this long, it cannot be said that Labour Croydon is in a rush to work for their residents!



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