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 The Croham Blog
Cllr  Maria  Gatland
Cllr  Michael  Neal
Cllr  Jason  Perry

The work this Council has done to help businesses and residents in Croham Ward
03/02/2014 10:53:00......Posted by Michael Neal

Text of speech in Full Council on “Ward Matters” on the 27th January 2014

 Thank you Madam Mayor

I have represented Croham ward since 2002 with my colleagues Cllr Jason Perry and Cllr Maria Gatland, I would like to personally thank them for their dedication and hardwork in dealing with ward matters and the very important work they do for this Council in respect of Strategic planning and licensing.

Madam Mayor in May the residents of Croham will play their part in deciding who runs this council for the next 4 years.

Let us look at our record so far and set this against an inactive labour group who almost brought this council to bankruptcy prior to 2006 after 12 years in office.

We have just introduced half an hour free parking in South End to help business in the area.
Croham residents will benefit from the freeze in parking charges and permits for 2014 /15

We have introduced fixed rate night time parking in the newly named Restaurant Quarter Car Park at £2.50 – again a great boost for business and residents

New street lighting coming soon to Croham Ward

This Conservatives administration introduced plastic, green garden waste, FOODWASTE and tetra Pac recycling

Set this against Labours recycling rate of just 16% in 2006. Every resident I canvass in Croham, Waddon and Fairfield, state how happy they are about our recycling facilities.

When residents ask for additional recycling boxes we are always happy to oblige.

This Conservative administration has improved street cleaning in Croham.

This administration has invested thousands of pounds to repair Labours backlog of repairs and started to invest properly in our roads
We have introduced recycling in all blocks of flats.

Croham residents are able to use the new Waddon Leisure Centre which has first class pool and gym facilities.

We are investing in our schools, with £110 million from the Government to enable this administration to meet the ever growing demands of school places in Croham and other wards in Croydon.

The residents of Croham can look forward to the Hammerson / Westfield retail development in the town centre bringing thousands of jobs, new homes, new walkways and green spaces. The residents know that this scheme could only be delivered by a Conservative administration under the leadership of Cllr Mike Fisher.

We have new Public realm works for South End due to start in the spring, which will include decluttering, wider pavements, shop front improvements – in all £3million of investment

We have financially supported the very popular Food Festival in South End which proved so successful in the summer of last year, bringing business to the restaurant quarter.

We have prudent financial management of this Council. The residents of Croham trust the Conservatives because they know we will look after their money responsibly. They have not forgotten Labours massive 27% council tax rise in 2003 with 7.4% in 2004, 5.1 in 2005 and 6.3 in 2006

In April so long as you pay council tax, all households will have a £25 rebate.

All good news for residents from a Conservative administration delivering for the people of Croham.




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Friends of Croham Hurst Woods AGM
19/11/2017 19:47:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


It’s hard to believe that last week’s FCHW AGM was our 15th. I started the group along with two others way back in 2002. Since then with the support of our members we have achieved a lot from restoring the historic view at the top, clearing hectares of invasive Holly recreating the Meadow, Information boards and a lot more. I have no doubt these helped us win The Queens Award for Voluntary Service in 2014. Our members never let us down and once again we had a full house of 70 plus. The biggest concern of the meeting was the downgrading of Croham Hurst Woods from Greenbelt to Metropolitan Open Land brought in by the current Labour Administration of the Council. We had a really thought provoking talk from Steve Popcock the national organiser for London Park City. The evening was rounded off with a glass or two of wine and chatting with so many of our members



New litter bin .in place
20/10/2017 12:02:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


Following requests from residents I asked the Council to provide a litter bin outside St Peters Primary School. Pleased it is now in place so we can all keep our local area tidier and cleaner



Anger ar Councils failure to protect The Rail View PH
12/10/2017 14:48:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


So many residents have contacted me after seeing the Rail View PH stripped of its roof and old slates  and floors ripped out. Acquired by a developer it lay empty for many months. I have been in contact with Planning Officers at the Council on numerous occasions since then with my concerns and residents concerns about what was happening. I have lost count of how many times I was told there was no Planning application or any request from the developer for “prior approval” to demolish that would allow the developer to demolish the building without the scrutiny of a Planning application. Yet over the weekend workmen in trainers and tracksuits have destroyed this mid 1800s building. Even when I gave the Council this information on Monday morning they preferred to believe the developers story of thieves rather than listen to residents or the ward councillor. Once the Enforcement visit took place a stop was ordered and a full Planning application will now be needed. It is now too late all the old slates have been smashed. The reason for all this an “ error” made by the Council approval given by one department and not by Planning. Whatever the reason for this incompetence we have lost yet more of our local and social history. 




Fly Tip at Croham Hurst woods takes 9 days to clear
08/10/2017 12:24:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


So many residents contacted me about a very large fly tip of builders rubble at the SSSI Croham Hurst Woods. The fly tippers brazenly drove across the grass at Bankside Green drove a little way up the slope dumped their rubbish in the middle of the afternoon 

i didn’t anticipate how long it would take Croydon Council to clear it. I was assured a works order was issued but then got excuse after excuse. It was too wet, too steep and the bags had spilt. 

Eventually it was cleared after 9 days a really poor performance 

Some Information was found in the Tip by a resident that I hope can lead to some action being taken against these fly tippers who show such little respect for such a wonderful place.





Birdhurst Community Gardening Group wins more awards
08/10/2017 12:08:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


It was no surprise to hear that Birdhurst Community Gardening Group have won yet more awards including the prestigious National Certificate of Distinction. What a difference this group has made to what was a dirty and dingy area. It is not only their garden that is impressive it is the difference it has made to the local area and local residents. If you walk across the footbridge from South Croydon Station to the top of Birdhurst Ave you can see what I mean. Even the residents garages have all been painted in the same colours and all with hanging baskets. It is a great community effort. Jason,  Michael and myself have been delighted to support this group with funding from our community ward budget for plants for their garden and a History Board that illustrates the fascinating local history 

We are now discussing with them how we can help them with a Green Walls project





Birdhurst Community Garden Update
25/09/2017 10:47:00.......Posted by Michael Neal



Once again the ambitious members of the Community Garden in Birdhurst Avenue have won 3 prestigious awards from London in Bloom

Originally sponsored through the Croham Councillors (Croydon Council) they have gone from strength to strength to ensure a community spirit in the work that they all do.

They are particularly proud of what they have achieved and have work very hard to keep the garden as good as when it first opened.



Foot Path Clearing Near South Croydon Station
25/09/2017 10:47:00.......Posted by Michael Neal


The pathway adjacent to the foot bridge from Blunt road leading to South Park Hill Road has become over grown and needs cutting back. 

I feel this area is neglected by the Labour Council as they always need constant reminders around cleaning up the fly-tipping or cutting back the vegetation. 

I have asked the Council officers to ensure that this done and will report back 





Selsdon Rd Fly Tip Reported
24/09/2017 13:48:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


A fly tip of food stuffed into a litter bin near the junction of Rockhampton Rd has just been reported 

Bagged up last week by the Council the bags were not collected and animals have scattered food and leaves all over the grassed area and pavement

It needs to be cleared properly as soon as possible 





More Local Heritage Lost
24/09/2017 13:25:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


Last week at Planning Committee the current Labour Administration of the Council voted to demolish 236 Selsdon Rd and replace with a three storey block of flats with just 4 parking spaces. You may have noticed this pretty cottage at the junction of Selsdon and Carlton rds it was built probably around the 1840s by Frederic Potter the owner of the brick fields that covered this area. In the 1860s the house and acres of the brick fields was sold to the Railway for the construction of the Oxted line. It then became the stationmasters house for the station opposite now closed. A house that stood for so much of our local and social history will now be demolished. I was at Planning Committee to object and speak against this proposal but all six Labour members of the committee voted to demolish the building and the four Conservative members voted against. There will be new housing but I had hoped the cottage could have been retained within the scheme. Public art in the form of a wall shaped like a train will be built but that in no way compensates for the loss of this cottage and so much of the local and social history of the area.




Help for South Croydon Allotments from Croham Ward Budget
23/08/2017 11:47:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


We were so pleased to hear of the success of the South Croydon Allotments Open Day. We know how hard the committee worked to make it such an interesting day. We were delighted to play our part by funding new notices,bulbs and wild flower seeds and especially a new toilet door that was much needed!  These allotments are so important for lots of local residents helping mental and physical health and a meeting place to chat and have a cup of tea. We are looking forward to seeing the wild flowers and bulbs come up next year.




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