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 The Croham Blog
Cllr  Maria  Gatland
Cllr  Michael  Neal
Cllr  Jason  Perry

Emergency Road Closure Causes Problems for Residents
02/04/2017 20:01:00......Posted by Maria Gatland


Last Week a collapsed sewer caused an emergency closure of the part of Selsdon Rd junction Haling road. Thames Water were on site to deal with the repairs. Right from the start residents reported chaos and disruption. Diverting traffic down Sussex rd a narrow heavily parked bus route caused major problems. Parents and children attending the two schools the Harris Primary and St Peters Primary reported dangerous traffic conditions. From the start the ward councillors worked with the Council to provide better road signage and to ensure the works are finished as soon as possible. The latest advice we have had from the Council is that hopefully works will be finished early next week.

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Now you see them, now you don't!
07/04/2017 13:29:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland

Residents in Chelsham rd South Croydon were first delighted to see Croydon Council turn up in their road to plant three trees. Soon the their delight turned to bemusement as the trees were planted and then soon after dug up and taken away.! One resident thought when he came home that he had imagined the whole thing! It appears that the wrong species were planted and had to be removed. I have checked with the Council and the residents will get their new trees in a couple of weeks. Let's hope the right species this time.



Croham Ward Community Budget 2016/17
02/04/2017 19:37:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


Once again Jason Michael and myself were delighted to fund projects for community groups and residents in our ward. We tried to engage as many groups as possible and as as many areas of our ward as we could. We hold our ward surgery at St Augustines Church and were pleased to fund two new notice boards that advertise all their community work. We funded physiotherapy mats for disabled pupils at the Rutherford School and a project at Purley Oaks Primary School that helped raise pupils confidence and self esteem through music. Elmfield Ladies Group were delighted we were able to fund a Mad Hatters Tea Party in aid of St Christopher's Hospice and Marie Curie Cancer Care. I am looking forward to opening it in June. We know burglary is a concern in our ward so we were happy to fund leaflets for our Croham branch of Neighbourhood Watch. Finally we know how popular the Food Festival 

has become and enjoyed by many residents in our ward and we are delighted to help fund it for another year











Double Misery for residents in Sanderstead rd
14/03/2017 12:19:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


Some time ago a planning application for a large 3/4 storey block of flats beside the the locally listed Red Deer was bulldozed through Planning Committee by Croydon's Labour Council. At that meeting where I was objecting on behalf of local residents I warned that this was not a sustainable application particularly as it was granted with little parking. This is an area where parking pressures are severe and getting worse. That warning was echoed by the Conservative members of the committee but they   as well as residents were ignored by the Labour dominated committee. Buildings works have now started and that will bring at least 18 months of noise, dust and inconvenience for residents. To add insult to injury with no consultation the Council have put in double yellow lines 24 hrs a day to facilitate this building. They have removed residents parking without a thought. This morning I met with residents and Council officers. I hope following our intervention 4/5 parking spaces will be now be restored to help residents. Very shabby actions by the Council.



Council proposals to build on Sanderstead Car Park causes consternation
23/02/2017 12:11:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland

Croydon Council's proposal  to build blocks of flats on Sanderstead Car Park has caused alarm and concern in many residents. Although in Purley Ward it is beside both Sanderstead and Croham wards and will affect many residents there as well as those in Purley. A particular concern to many would be the loss of the shops opposite if residents lose the car park. Many are used by residents and the possible loss of these in particular the chemist would be damaging to the lives of elderly residents. This proposal comes from the Labour Council's Brick by Brick company that is proposing to build on many publicly owned bits of land to provide housing. While some sites might be suitable this proposal would be damaging to the local community. The shops are situated in Croham ward and we delivered leaflets explaining about the consultation to the shops and some residents as the Council failed to inform them. Yet another flawed consultation by Brick by Brick. If you missed the consultation and want to comment you can e mail the development manager. These are just proposals as yet there is no planning application but no doubt it will come forward in the near future. As I have written about before combined with the block of flats bulldozed through committee by Labour on Station Approach with no parking where will residents park to access the station and local facilities?



Loss of more local character as permission given for flats on Station Approach Sanderstead Station
22/01/2017 14:06:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland

Yet another block of flats pushed through by the Labour dominated committee in our ward.

Many residents use this local station and will know that Station approach is quaint with small local shops and businesses 

On the Station side most of this will be demolished with an oddly designed three storey block of flats built virtually on the tracks.

Permission was granted because as Labour councillors said "we need housing" While I agree we do I am concerned there is little concern about harm to the local area or to the amenities of local residents. I wonder what sort of Croydon is being created and what problems created further down the line. Once again there is no parking this with application and when as seems likely Sanderstead car park over the road is built on parking pressures will increase in the surrounding streets.






Council tenants lose parking and green space in Council's planning application
03/01/2017 19:59:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


Just before Christmas Croydon Council cynically brought forward a planning application to build a three storey block of flats on the parking spaces and small piece of green of the current council block in Drovers rd.  Brought forward by Brick by Brick the Council owned company set up to build houses on council owned land. While there is a great need for housing to build a three storey block of flats on Drovers rd removing the parking and building on the the only space that the children living in the blocks have to play and replacing this much needed space with a block of flats seems short sighted and so dismissive of the current council tenants. 

This large block of flats will also affect the privacy and outlook of the residents in Upland rd backing onto the Council blocks. Parking pressures are severe on the surrounding roads and yet another block of flats will add to the pressures.

We delivered leaflets to the residents in the blocks and in Upland to let them know of the application and how they can object to it.

i have objected as ward councillor and referred to Planning Committee. I will attend the Planning Committee and will speak on behalf of local residents once the date of the meeting has been announced.



Friends of Croham Hurst Woods fund more works at Croham Hurst Woods
28/11/2016 10:08:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


I am so pleased and proud that our members of Friends of Croham Hurst Woods will support more works through their generousity. Following my meetings with Croydon Council and our AGM works will begin soon to open up the view in another spot on the top of the Hurst. It will be nearer the Croham Manor road end and will add even more to the attractions of this stunning ancient woodland. The opening up of the historic view by FCHWs last year has been immensely popular and the proposed works will further enhance the top of the Hurst

The work of the last few years removing invasive holly has opened up the Hurst to light and warmth bringing regeneration and to stunning views. We have always had problems of access for machinery on the Upper Selsdon rd side but that has now been solved and work will start to remove another block of holly but on this side of the Hurst. 

Local residents recognise what a treasure we have in Croham Hurst Woods and I am really grateful so many help to care for it in so many ways.



Green Garden Waste cut,Leaf Sweeping and Parking top residents concerns
21/11/2016 09:13:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland


Croham councillors Maria Jason and Michael along with our MP Chris Philp and our great supporters were out and about in Croham ward talking to our residents last Saturday morning. The pressures on parking in the streets off Brighton and Selsdon roads were raised numerous times. This is not an easy problem to solve but we will survey the area to see how we can help.

The cut to the green garden  waste service stopping it just as all the leaves are coming down was raised by residents again and again. We are lobbying the current Labour administration to think again

Under the former Conservative Council the service was free and extended longer in the season

The lack of street cleaning and leaf sweeping especially now they are wet and slippery is something we will continue to lobby for an improvement to this service that is so important to our residents and our area




Permission for Backland Development, more pressure on our local area
21/11/2016 08:52:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland

At Planning Committee recently the Labour Party pushed through a development to build houses behind no 5&7 Harewood rd. Harewood and Normanton roads were heavily developed under the former Labour Council. This has led to pressures on our area especially parking and the loss of trees and green space. The precious local green space Normanton Meadow will now have houses looming above it. No one disputes we need houses but we need a more balanced and sustainable policy.

There are more pressures to come with an application to demolish the Stag and Hounds public House and to build houses and flats in an already congested area. The application to build a very large block of flats replacing a bungalow at 2a Campden rd fronting Croham rd has come forward again

With permission already granted for blocks of flats on Lismore and Selsdon roads and more controversial applications in the pipeline residents are really concerned about our local area




Good News! Croham Ward Police Panel increases membership
27/09/2016 17:24:00.......Posted by Maria Gatland

i attended as usual the Croham Ward Police Panel yesterday evening. For some time because of all the changes to the panels members were dwindling. It was recently down to three or four residents.

So it was good to see a full house yesterday evening with new residents from Spenser and Broomhall rds among others. We still lack residents from the Avondale, Bleinheim Park, St Augustines area.

It was good to hear of the work of the Croham ward SNT since the last meeting and to see and discuss the crime statistics. Burglaries are still a concern but the good news is the overall trend is down. Police again advised that some burglaries and theft from motor vehicles are preventable if residents take sensible precautions. 



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