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 The New Addington South Blog

New Addington Job Club
26/02/2013 13:45:00......Posted by Tony Pearson

This morning saw the launch of New Addington Job Club. Based at the Octagon Community Hub and meeting every Tuesday 9.30 to 12, it promises to be a real asset to New Addington. This Job Club follows on a very successful Job Club run by Andy Stranach. The NA Job Club, headed up by Jayne Laville, has been able to get off the ground thanks to a donation from Croydon Conservative Federation and I am delighted to support it along with our local MP, Gavin Barwell.
The launch was also supported by Cllr George Ayres, so obviously has cross party support.
This Job Club, which I have no doubt will succeed in getting people back into the workplace as well as supporting young people looking to get on the career ladder, is further evidence of Conservative commitment to New Addington. It clearly shows the difference between those that want to talk our Community down and those who want to deliver for New Addington.

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 Other Blog Posts

Local Cadets Affiliate to Royal British Legion
26/01/2018 10:11:00.......Posted by Tony Pearson

Tony Pearson was pleased to attend 145 Detachment Army Cadet Force  in New Addington, in his role as Chairman of the New Addington Royal British Legion, to mark the Unit's affiliation to their local Royal British Legion.  145 Detachment became the first ACF Unit in the London South West Region to affiliate.  They now become members of the Branch's Youth Wing and are able to wear RBL Affiliation badges on their Uniforms.  Tony said "supporting our Uniformed Youth Groups and all members of the Military Community is great for New Addington.  We have a large contingent of veterans and volunteers in our Town and supporting, and promoting, them is vital.  I'm proud that 145 has become the first London SW unit to affiliate and look forward to others joining them".



New Addington Tram Service to Wimbledon
25/01/2018 12:53:00.......Posted by Tony Pearson

The changes to the New Addington Tram Service, i.e. scrapping the direct route to Wimbledon, will go ahead. I am hearing that TFL met with 'local' NA Councillors and their Cabinet colleague Cllr King and, despite local people not having their say, have decided that 'there is very little negativity' to the plan so they will push on. Local Labour Councillors have let us down. TFL held a 'consultation' when most service users were at work. Labour Councillors have rolled over... for their Labour Mayor and TFL and have not pushed the interests of local residents. We have called for a FULL consultation. We have a petition with hundreds of signatures calling for a FULL consultation. Labour does not think we should have a consultation. They have let New Addington down, again. Obviously, our 'local' Labour Councillors do not care, after all, they are hardly ever in New Addington. Local people do care. We want our voices heard. We will not stop calling for a full consultation and we will continue to challenge the thinking around the changes. We will not let this rest



New Addington Remembers
12/11/2017 14:00:00.......Posted by Tony Pearson

Today New Addington came together to pay our respects. A full church (Thank you Edward King), 120 on Parade, almost 200 at the Memorial Garden. A Community united. A Community, often decried in the press, that showed it's true faith and commitment. I am so proud to be part of this Community. I am proud to be surrounded by friends and neighbours. I am proud to be Chairman of the New Addington Royal British Legion and supported by a committee who I class as friends. New Addington Has A great future. I am proud and excited about what is to come. Thank you New Addington



Heart Breaking Speech from a Police Officer at Tram Crash Memorial
09/11/2017 15:30:00.......Posted by Tony Pearson



Environmental Op in New Addington
04/04/2014 12:20:00.......Posted by Tony Pearson


 Yesterday, Thursday 3rd April, I met teams for the briefing of Croydon Council's latest operation targetting the state of our streets.  Previous Ops in Thornton Heath and Norbury have been very successful and I asked that one be carried out in New Addington because of the concerns being raised by residents.

Consequently, about twenty Enforcement Officers and Neighbourhood Wardens deployed across the estate targetting those who don't abide by tenancy agreements, let dogs run off the lead, allow dog fouling, litter our streets and/or fly tip rubbish.  The Officers also visited Shops to ensure they had in place active Waste Disposal Agreements as required by law.

The outcome of this Operation was 19 Fixed Penalty Notices by Wardens and 7 by Enforcement Officers issued for a variety of reasons, a number of Warnings issued and 37 retail premises visited across New Addington and Fieldway.  Those premises without the required agreements, or couldn't produce evidence of an agreement, will receive a follow up visit and potential fines.  I joined the teams throughout the Operation, both in New Addington and Fieldway, and was very impressed by their professionalism and commitment to our Estate.

Of course, if anyone feels they have been unfairly issued with a warning or FPN they have the right to appeal but these Operations, whilst targetting a number of issues, also highlight that the vast majority of residents are keen to keep our Estate clean and tidy and completely prove that New Addington is a good place to live and not 'a hole' as some have labelled it.  I, for one, am very proud to live in New Addington/



Rowdown School Talent Show
03/04/2014 12:33:00.......Posted by Tony Pearson

I had the pleasure of attending the Annual Talent Show put on at Rowdown Primary School today (3rd April) and the eight acts that took part were a real credit to the School and to themselves.  It never ceases to amaze me the amount of talent our youngsters have in New Addington and I look forward to some of them displaying those talents at this years Carnival on Saturday and Sunday 21 and 22 June.

Carnival gets bigger and better every year and it's a tribute to the hard work put in by local residents on the Committee that it is so successful.

So well done the students at Rowdown (where I am very pleased to be a Governor) and let's all get behind this years Carnival.  Registration Forms for all competitions are available from the Octagon.



Croydon Remembers 1914
14/03/2014 12:19:00.......Posted by Tony Pearson

 Last September I launched a campaign called Croydon Remembers 1914 to encourage schools, groups, individuals and the Council to do something to commemorate (not celebrate) the start of World War I 100 years ago.  The idea was for poppy seeds to be planted across the Borough that would flower throughout the summer and mark the great sacrifice made by millions of people in the defence of our freedom.

The idea of planting Poppy seeds was taken from the Royal British Legion and I am pleaseed to be able to add their campaign link on this page.

Please visit




Council Budget is good news for New Addington
26/02/2014 10:57:00.......Posted by Tony Pearson

On Monday 24th February, the Council met to debate and set the Council Tax for 2014/15.  As always in these debates, emotions run high and the two Parties involved in Croydon Council found little to agree on.  

The Conservative Administration put forward a comprehensive budget to manage the Borough's finances for the coming year and beyond.  Frontline services have been protected but, at the same time, efficiences have been found to ensure value for money for Croydon's taxpayers.  The Conservtaive budget had already been through the Council's Scrutiny and Overview Committee and been discussed at Cabinet.  the result was not only have we been able to freeze Council tax for 2014/15 but we are also able to give Council Tax payers a £25 rebate.  The good news doesn't stop there, for our Council Tenants we are also able to announce a two week rent relief, so for the first two weeks of April tenants of Croydon Council won't have to pay rent.  This is good news for New Addington and I was happy to vote in favour of the Budget as presented.

However, ten minutes before the start of the Council Meeting, the Labour minority group presented an amended Budget.  A budget of just four pages, which listed a raft of spending proposals but also OPPOSED the Council tax rebate and the Rent relief.  They put forward the amended Budget, which we hadn't had time to even read let alone scrutinise, and called on all to support it.  They said, in effect, that they were better placed to decide how your money is spent than you are.  I voted against the amended Budget.

The truth is, however, that much of the two budgets were similar but with this difference.  The money being used to enable the £25 rebate and rent relief came from reserves built up during difficult times.  The Conservative administration carried forward reserves when times have been tough to lessen the tax burden later on,  We are now starting to see the economy pick up and things are looking good for Croydon, so we decided that the time was right to return those reserves to residents.  Why not put them into services? Because being reserves, they can only be used once and to use it to increase or enhance services would incur an ongoing cost for future years and therefore increase the tax burden for Croydon residents.  That is what the Labour amendment set out.  They pledged to spend the money on services which, although welcomed, would have increased the Budget and financial requirement for years to come.  They pledged a two year freeze on Council tax but then said they would hold, if they won the May Local Elections, an emergency budget in the Summer.  An emergency Budget that could only mean one thing, take back the £25 rebate and probably increase Council Tax.  They want more of your money.  I opposed the amendment because I believe that residents should keep more of their own money, and they are best placed to decide how to spend it.

I believe that the Conservative administration, through sound financial management, have proved that they are the best option for Croydon.  Labour, on the other hand, continue to make the case for increasing tax and taking more money out of all of our pockets.  They still believe they know best.

Since the debate I have been accused of voting against more Police and more CCTV for New Addington.  The truth. again, is more simple than that.  The Police numbers for New Addington's Safer Neighbourhood Team have already increased by 50% and, due to changes and movement of the CCTV Control Room, the CCTV on Central Parade is now on 24hour Record.  Improvements are already being made.  However, if Labour had their way and spent the reserves on more this year, where would the money come from in future years?  The answer is YOUR pocket.

Following the debate in the Council Chamber, a debate ensued on Twitter where the true face of Labour's view of New Addington was laid bare.  A very active member of the Labour Party in Croydon, who I also believe trains Labour Councillors in Croydon, called New Addington 'a hole'!  He went on to tweet about our 'iffy' schools, a rising racist ellement. he called our children 'dirty and skint'!  Nobody from Labour, not existing Councillors or Candidates in the forthcoming election, contradicted nor condemned his comments despite being directly challenged to do so.  Labour want your Vote, they want your Money and they want you to believe the constant negativity spouted about OUR home.  And yet, they refuse to condemn the abuse levelled at our estate by one of their own.  That is how Labour view New Addington, it is how they have always viewed New Addington and they will never change.

I know New Addington isn't perfect but it is a place I believe in, a place that has enormous potential, a place with a fantastic community spirit, a place I am proud to live in and call home and a place I am proud to represent as a Conservative Councillor.



Praise for New Addington in Council Chamber
03/12/2013 11:07:00.......Posted by Tony Pearson

On Monday 2 December 2013 I was able to speak at the Full Council meeting about New Addington.  I spoke about the huge number of people that turned out for the switching on of the Christmas Lights on Central Parade.  I was also pleased to mention the house at the corner of Homestead Way and King Henry's Drive which has been decorated for charity.  Alex Hopkinson, with the help of his friends and family, has done a fantastic display and all donations are going towards St. Christopher's Hospice.  I was able to say how the team, and individual, effort made me proud to be part of New Addington community.  I was also pleased to be able to pay tribute to Matt and Emma Spencer for their work in New Addington with the Salvation Army because they are again putting on a Panto this year, with 1200 tickets now allocated, and a Carol Service.  All this for the Community, Our Community.

The main point of my talk, though, was to let people know that New Addington is a great place to live.  Most of us are very protective about New Addington and we don't like it when people try to talk it down.  We also don't like it when people try to mislead us, as Labour have been trying to do with their latest leaflets.  They have been saying about Police cuts, when actually we have more Police allocated to New Addington than ever before.  Labour is trying to score political points by scaremongering, and deliberately misleading, our Community into believing we are less safe than before.  I pointed out that the people who, like me, live in New Addington are good people.  They are not stupid people, far from it.  We know that if we work together we can improve things.

It's interesting that Labour has chosen candidates (for next May's local Elections) from outside New Addington.  A man from Shirley, who has no interest other than using NA to get elected, and Louisa Woodley, currently Councillor for Thornton Heath who has been dumped from her current seat and has only opted for New Addington to help her further her political career (She lost the GLA elections in 2012 and failed, despite really trying, to get selected for a crack at Parliament).  These people don't live in New Addington, and probably never will, yet address their leaflets to you as 'Dear Neighbour'!  They talk about working hard for our Community, well I wonder how the people of Thornton Heath feel about the person they elected in 2010, claiming to be working hard for NA?  The truth is, Labour is trying to take New Addington for granted.  They feel they have an unopposed right to areas such as ours but it is clear they do not understand the local community or the area.  The arrogance of Labour in Croydon is astonishing.

As we head towards the Elections next May, lots will be said.  Promises will be made.  Whatever the outcome though, I will continue to out New Addington first.  This is about the estate, the people, the Community.  Our Community.  I am proud to live in New Addington, and I am extremely proud to be representing New Addington on Croydon Council.  Together we can make it even better.



Labour's Deliberate Attempt to Mislead New Addington
07/11/2013 11:12:00.......Posted by Tony Pearson

Last evening (Wednesday 6th Nov) I attended the New Addington & Fieldway Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel meeting held at Wolsey School.  This meeting was attended by Neighbourhood Wardens, representatives of local Schools, Residents, the Police and myself and Cllr Simon Hall (Fieldway Ward).   At this meeting the Police outlined, in great detail, the impact on policing in New Addington following changes by the Met to the Local Policing Model (LPM).

The LPM is a Met wide strategic direction to get Officers out from behind desks and out on to the streets.  Residents are always telling me they want to see more Bobbies on the beat.  We all know that more Police on the streets means less crime and a reduction in the fear of crime.

As a consequence of the changes we can report the following:

New Addington and Fieldway both have dedicated Sergeants, Paul Potter for NA and Kirstin Treasure for FW.  Prior to the LPM, Paul Potter covered both Wards.

The teams have dedicated vehicles, something not available before the new model was introduced.

The old Safer Neighbourhood Teams consisted of 6 Officers (1 Seargeant, 2PC's and 3 PCSO's).  The new model increases this to nine each for New Addington and Fieldway.

The inception of the Local Policing Model will see Croydon gain an extra 117 Officers, 100 of these being assigned to Neighbourhood Policing, and the reintroduction of dedicated schools Officers.

And a further positive result of the new LPM is that Central Parade Police Office, which has never been routinely open to the public, will now open three times a week on wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

As a local resident of New Addington I can see only positives in this structure.  BUT, Labour candidates for New Addington also held a meeting last night.  They invited a former Home Secretary to New Addington to discuss 'Cuts in Policing In New Addington'.   This was a shameful electioneering stunt designed to mislead New Addington residents and scare them into voting labour.  They didn't invite the Police to attend to give them a right of reply.  Labour's candidates for New Addington deliberately set out to con the electorate.

Labour's candidates started their letter to residents with'Dear Neighbour', yet one comes from Shirley and the other Thornton Heath.  Are they our neighbours?  They said they have been campaigning on this issue for 'a long time' and yet both were only selected as candidates a couple of weeks ago, and neither of them had New Addington as their first choice.

The truth is they are only standing for election in New Addington because they couldn't get selected any where else.  They do not care about you or New Addington.

If they can mislead so easily, and willingly, on an issue like Policing, that all of us that live in New Addington feel strongly about, what else will they mislead on?  I have not seen a single policy from Labour addressing concerns in New Addington.  I live in New Addington.  I know the concerns.  We have issues like any other part of Croydon, but whereas I will always put New Addington first, Labour want to use you and your vote as a political football.  The truth is New Addington deserves respect, it deserves to be promoted not taken for granted by people pursueing political ambition.  New Addington is a place I am proud to call my home and I refuse to let it be hijacked by Labour just so they can run it into the ground, as they did before, whilst putting our Council Tax up by huge amounts (remeber the 27% increase?).  I will put New Addington on the agenda, Labour will take it for granted.



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