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 The Selsdon Vale & Forestdale Blog
Cllr  Stuart  Millson
Cllr  Andy  Stranack

Council Notes
04/02/2013 18:32:00......Posted by Margaret Mead

We have had a lot of low temperatures and icy winds and snow flurries in the last few weeks. The council teams were out gritting the primary and as many of the secondary roads as possible constantly when the bad weather began ensuring the statutory requirement to focus on bus routes, hospitals, GP practices, schools etc is maintained. We are fortunate to have some grit/salt boxes in the ward and these have been topped up as quickly as possible to ensure there is sufficient to spread on difficult junctions and slopes in the future. The grit/salt is not of course for taking and putting on individual front drives and paths. Unfortunately, there have been instances where thefts of grit/salt have occurred. Should anyone see someone taking supplies away in a van then if the registration number is reported the council will follow this up.

Food Waste Collections
These were introduced in October 2011 to households receiving the twin box recycling service. It planned to divert 12,000 tonnes of food waste per annum and the current projection anticipates reaching 93% of the total. This has resulted in a marked decrease in the amount of waste collected which is not recycled or composted.

WEEE Recycling Banks come to Croydon
We are delighted to say that in December new recycling banks were installed in Croydon to make it easier for residents to recycle their unwanted small waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and one has been installed in Forestdale Car Park. Broken and unwanted kettles, hairdryers, irons, calculators and shavers are among the small electrical items that can be recycled. Over a lifetime each person will go through an average of 3.3 tonnes of electrical waste so it is really important to recycle all old electrical items rather than throwing them in the bin.

Launch of compulsory recycling
A record recycling rate of 47.89% has been achieved by Croydon residents a year after the start of food waste and mixed plastics collection service. On 1 January 2013 compulsory recycling was launched which aims to change the habits of a minority of households who persistently refuse to put their household waste out for recycling. The cost of sending a tonne of waste to landfill is around £106 compared to £30 per tonne for processing recyclable materials. This new initiative is set to save the council about £200,000 a year. The majority of households are already recycling so the focus will be on the minority who refuse and if after a 12 week process of personal advice and reminder letters an £80 fine would be considered. The majority of those who took part in the borough-wide consultation agreed that the council should take necessary action, including potential fines, for those who regularly fail to recycle. Anyone requiring a blue box (for paper and card) a green box (for glass, cans and plastic) or a food waste container can find online forms and contact email addresses at ; or call the council on 020 8726 6200 and ask to speak to someone about household collections.

Warm up this Winter
Warm Up Croydon provides information on a range of issues including energy efficiency, housing options, social and health care and advice on benefits and debt. It offers a home visiting service where a qualified assessor will visit homes by appointment to provide a free energy check and survey as well as give advice on how to save energy and reduce bills. There is also a small amount of funding available to provide support in emergency situations, including boiler repairs, prescription collection and short term basic food provision. The project is funded by the NHS and set up in partnership between Croydon Council, Age Uk, the Croydon POP Service and Croydon Neighbourhood Care. For more information on Warm Up Croydon, call 020 8253 6187 from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday or email You can also text the word
“Warm” to 07771 001361

There are also some other simple steps people can take to reduce their energy use. The council is working with Climate Energy to deliver the Coldbusters programme which is offering limited funding for energy efficiency measures to the elderly, vulnerable and those on low incomes. These include loft and cavity wall insulation, replacement glazing and draught proofing. To find out if you are eligible call 0800 358 668 quoting Coldbusters or visit the website at

Energy saving tips
• Turn your thermostat down by 1degree C could cut heating bills by up to 10%
• Turn radiators down in rooms you only use occasionally
• Switch lights off when you are not using them
• Turns TVs and phone chargers off at the wall when not in use
• Replace normal light bulbs with energy efficient ones
• Regularly defrost your freezer to make sure it is operating at full efficiency
• Draw curtains over windows at night to insulate the room
• Move furniture away from radiators and heaters to allow heat to circulate
• We should all look out for neighbours, especially the elderly, and make sure they are aware of the many ways they can be helped
If you like walking, but not alone, when the weather gets a little warmer, why not join one of 80 guided walks and events on offer throughout the year to help you discover and enjoy Croydon’s parks and opens spaces. More can be found at
Cllrs Jason Cummings, Helen Pollard and Margaret Mead

We hold surgeries on the first Saturday of every month, except January and August. Next are 2 March, 6 April, 4 May and 1 June at
11.15-12noon St Frances Church, Broadcoombe, Monks Hill
12.15 – 1pm Forestdale Community Centre, Bardolph Avenue.
No appointment necessary.
If you wish to contact Jason, Helen or Margaret our details are listed below
Jason Tel 020 8651 2575 email
Helen Tel 020 7617 7310 email
Margaret Tel 020 8405 6746 email

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 Other Blog Posts

Ashen Grove at risk from Labour plans
06/04/2018 12:50:00.......Posted by Andy Stranack


Ashen Grove is an area of woodland that runs between Thorold Close and Kingfisher Gardens, it links the Bird Estate with Selsdon. Under Labour's Local Plan its green space protection has been withdrawn. This means the area could be built on in the future.

The woodland is home to a variety of wildlife including a number of badger sets. It is widely used by local dog walkers and residents who want to enjoy a walk in this area of natural beauty. Stuart and I will work hard to make sure that this local community area is protected for future generations.



Yellow lines to be added in Ravenshead Close
18/01/2018 19:39:00.......Posted by Stuart Millson

Following months of pressure from local residents, double yellow lines will be painted at the junction of Ravenshead Close and Old Farleigh Road at the beginning of February. Parked cars on the junction make it impossible for drivers exiting Ravenshead Close to see, which has led to accidents in the past.

Residents in the close have worked very hard to make the case for the double yellow lines, supported by Conservative Councillors in Selsdon. Andy and I contacted Council officers earlier this month and were told that Ravenshead Close has been added to the workstream. With more than 250 requests on the waiting list, and only 50 projects carried out each year, it is a real testament to the residents that they have been able to get this to the top of the list.



Autumn Walk in Selsdon Woods
13/11/2017 20:28:00.......Posted by Stuart Millson

I was really pleased to join the Friends of Selsdon Woods for their ‘Autumn Leaves’ walk on Saturday. It was one of many organised walks arranged by the Friends each year - a calendar of events can be viewed on the Friends of Selsdon Woods website here:

The Friends do a magnificent job maintaining the woods, with clearly marked and named footpaths making it easy to navigate. These are maintained, along with coppicing and other maintenance activities, on the Friends’ Workdays.

Everyone is welcome to join in these activities, helping out for as long as suits, on certain Sunday mornings at 10am - the first and last Sundays of the month during the winter, and the first Sunday of the month only from April to September.

If you haven’t visited the woods, I encourage you to check out one of the best parts of the Selsdon Vale and Forestdale ward.



Council walkabout in Forestdale
05/10/2017 22:46:00.......Posted by Stuart Millson

Councillor Andy Stranack organised a walkabout around Forestdale on Tuesday, attended by members of the Forestdale Forward, as well as Council officers and members of the Safer Streets team. We were able to raise a number of issues directly with Council officers, which they will be addressing in the next few days.

The foliage over the bus stop on Bardolph Avenue, which at present puts people off from using the footpath, is set to be cleared. We also reported littering and poor maintenance of the footpath on Featherbed Lane and access issues for the Brookscroft management committee to trees they have responsibility for maintaining.

One of the biggest issues in the area is access for refuse lorries among tightly parked cars, which has led to collisions between lorries and residents’ cars. We have asked the Council to look into making the Forestdale collections later in the day, when fewer cars are parked, to address this issue.



Spring Park Residents Association AGM
17/05/2016 23:13:00.......Posted by Jason Cummings

Attended the SPRA AGM this evening. Huge turnout again this year and very pleased to see the Association is as strong as ever. Main areas of concern for the local residents were the Local Plan and it's effect on Shirley, potential Traveller sites, accessing recycling centres and having enough volunteers for the excellent monthly magazine (SPAN).



18/04/2016 16:13:00.......Posted by Jason Cummings

SaveOurFairfield are encouraging concerned residents to attend tonight's full Council Meeting at the Town Hall to hear the latest debate on the future of Fairfield Halls. The meeting starts at 6.30pm but is likely to be very busy so arriving early is advised. There will be a photo at 6pm outside the Clocktower is you would like to come along and add your support to this worthwhile cause.



Burst Water Main on Upper Shirley Road
18/04/2016 16:09:00.......Posted by Jason Cummings

There is a burst water main being worked on now near to the Junction of Upper Shirley Road and Postmill Close. We are aware of the problem and are chasing the relevant authorities to effect an efficient repair. Two way lights are being used and should be manually controlled during peak hours to ensure the best traffic flow possible. Please factor in possible delays to any journeys.



Quest students perform Oliver
03/02/2016 22:30:00.......Posted by Andy Stranack

I had a great evening at the Quest Academy this evening watching students from years 7 to 11 perform in an excellent production of Oliver. There were a number of very gifted students taking part, some may well have a future on the West End stage.



Heathfield Residents support local plan protest
27/01/2016 17:10:00.......Posted by Jason Cummings

It was great to see a number of Heathfield Residents at the Council meeting on the 25th January. Below I have summarised why it is so important for local residents to stand up against the Council's plans to ruin our local green space.

We are particularly concerned about the plans to create traveller sites at the following sites:-

Coombe Lodge Nurseries off Conduit Lane, site 661;

Coombe Farm off Oaks Road, site 502; 

Pear Tree Farm and Pear Tree Farm Cottage, Featherbed Lane, site 755;

And the de-designation of:

Forestdale as a location where the Council wants to see “focussed intensification associated with gradual change of area’s local character” (page 129, Croydon Local Plan Detailed Policies & Proposals).  It goes on to describe what this means:

New development located in designated areas would be significantly larger than existing and may be associated with merging smaller properties.  The promoted character types are: ‘Medium-rise blocks with associated grounds’, ‘Large buildings with spacing’ and ‘Largebuildings with strong frontages’.  Their gradual introduction will alter over time the predominant character of intensified areas” (page 132, Croydon Local Plan Detailed Policies & Proposals).

The idea that the largely terraced housing and small blocks of flats in Forestdale should be replaced by medium-rise blocks is unacceptable - it would completely change the character of the area.



Neighbourhoo Watch
17/03/2015 21:22:00.......Posted by Margaret Mead

Went to the Heathfield and Shirley Neighbourhood Watch meeting which is held six monthly.    It was well attended by residents from both wards who asked a range of questions following the Police briefing which included a warning about current scams.   These were unsolicited telephone calls which usually asked for confidential information regarding bank account details and pin numbers.   These calls are of great concern regarding our vulnerable elderly people.       On the tables were lots of useful leaflets about how to protect your property and items of value and the telephone number to call if anyone saw something suspicious.      The police would rather follow something up even if it turned out not to be of concern.     Picked up some casework about road damage which I will follow up.     



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