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 The Addiscombe West Blog

Clean up Addiscombe
14/10/2017 11:30:00......Posted by Michael O'Dwyer


Survey after survey, doorstep after doorstep, local residents have told us about paying their Council Tax and not getting the service they deserve from the Labour Council.  Fly-tipping, street cleaning, litter, graffiti are major concerns.  So our Action Team said "We've had enough!" and took to the streets.  Armed with litter pickers, rubbish sacks and our determination to sort this out, we collected litter from our streets and reported numerous fly-tips to the Council.  Many thanks to the local residents who joined us and helped collect about 20 sacks of rubbish which went for recycling.

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Conservatives - Cleaning Up in Addiscombe West!
23/04/2018 10:34:00.......Posted by Michael O'Dwyer


A big thank-you to local residents, and not forgetting Lexi the dog, who turned out for the second of our "Clean Up Addiscombe" events.  It was wonderful to see both familiar and new faces, who clearly care so much about their local community.  A great team effort collecting a huge amount of litter and reporting several fly-tips in the area.  Over the last six months, Jade, Lindsey and myself have had the opportunity of meeting many local residents, listening to their concerns, and on 3rd May we can all bring about change in Addiscombe West and Croydon as a whole by voting Conservative.



Little Road Playground
16/04/2018 17:16:00.......Posted by Michael O'Dwyer


Little Road Playground is under threat - having lost its protections under Labour's Local Plan. It is one of the few places for kids to play in the area, serving residents from across western Addiscombe.

I am campaigning for a Council that is on your side - one which will protect Little Road Playground. It is terrible that an important public space like it would lose protections in the first place.




When East Meets Addiscombe!
14/04/2018 16:00:00.......Posted by Michael O'Dwyer


A great opportunity for local residents to "Meet the Candidates" on our combined Addiscombe stand. Our excellent local candidates were ably supported by neighbouring Shirley Cllrs. Sue Bennett and Richard Chatterjee, and from further afield, Cllrs. Margaret Bird and Jan Buttinger. Time and again residents voiced their frustration at the continued closure of Blackhorse Lane, Labour's total traffic mis-management in Addiscombe West and increased fly-tipping throughout the borough.  Sadly, in view of recent events, the increased incidents of knife crime was also a major concern.  With Manifestos, election addresses and posters in hand, we were able to spread the message that 3rd May can bring about change in Addiscombe East and West, and Croydon as a whole.



Spring Clean Up Addiscombe
06/04/2018 10:44:00.......Posted by Michael O'Dwyer


Over the last few months we have been out and about across Addiscombe. Residents have told us time and again that fly-tipping, street cleaning, litter and graffiti are major concerns and we want to start to tackle this together! Armed with black sacks and litter pickers we'll be collecting rubbish and reporting graffiti and fly-tipping.

COME AND JOIN US! - Sunday 22 April 2018 - 12 Noon - Meet at the junction of Addiscombe Road and Park Hill Rise. ( oppositeThe Cricketers pub - Lebanon Rd Tram Stop )

See you there! 




Addiscombe West Action Day
27/02/2018 14:02:00.......Posted by Michael O'Dwyer


A huge thank you from Jade, Lindsey and myself to those who turned out in numbers from across the borough and beyond to give support to the Addiscombe West campaign.  Whilst the weather was decidedly chilly the response was far from it.  Covering the ward over two sessions the recurring theme is that Labour is not listening to residents’ concerns.  This applies to borough-wide issues such as their Local Plan, the threat to Croydon’s valuable green spaces, delivery of Westfield, re-opening of Fairfield, the 20mph speed limit and local issues such as CPZs, fly-tipping and the traffic mis-management system. But it doesn’t have to be this way, change can happen, and with sufficient support that change can begin on 3 May.



Local campaign to save The Glamorgan Pub
21/02/2018 17:09:00.......Posted by Michael O'Dwyer


Already boarded up, becoming increasingly derelict and attracting fly-tippers, The Glamorgan is quickly becoming Addiscombe’s latest eyesore.  Local residents and campaign groups ( are working together to get it designated as an ACV (Asset of Community Value) - “the new owners want to demolish it and replace with flats.  We want to save it and make it a community pub for all”.  Addiscombe West Conservative candidates are happy to support this campaign.



Community Links
20/02/2018 14:54:00.......Posted by Michael O'Dwyer


Continuing the theme of meeting stakeholders in our community, we recently had the opportunity to meet the trustees of the Turnpike Hill Estate (THT –  Their primary aim is the continued improvement of the Estate and the well-being of its residents.  Issues raised included additional security and accessibility measures in response to incidents of criminal activity, damage to property and general anti-social behaviour often committed by outsiders. We promised to keep in regular contact, liaise with Safer Neighbourhood Teams and offer our future support in any way we can, particularly if elected as their local councillors on 3 May.  When subsequently talking to the Turnpike Link residents, while these issues were clearly a concern, what was apparent was a positive response on the doorstep with a genuine community spirit and a willingness to see the continued improvement of the Estate for the benefit of all.



Meeting local community organisations
19/02/2018 16:12:00.......Posted by Michael O'Dwyer


An important part of our campaign is meeting as many groups and individuals who have a vested interest in improving the area and bringing people together for the benefit of all.  We were delighted therefore to have the opportunity to meet up with East Croydon Community Organisation (ECCO – whose aims are “to bring together, represent and promote the interests and well-being of residents and organisations in the area”

Issues raised included the lack of affordable housing and high cost of renting.  This can lead to a transitory population who are often less likely to engage with their neighbours and may have a lower regard for the area as a whole.  It is estimated that 25% of the population within the ECCO area changes every year.  Other concerns were the introduction of the divisive one-way traffic system, the delivery of Westfield and the delayed re-opening of Fairfield.

These will become our priorities with the return of Addiscombe West Conservative candidates and a Conservative Council on 3 May.



Meeting and Listening to the residents of Addiscombe West
12/02/2018 15:42:00.......Posted by Lindsey Blackburn


Since October 17, Jade Appleton, Lindsey Blackburn and Michael O’Dwyer the Addiscombe West Conservative Candidates for the May 18 Council elections have been out and about on the streets of Addiscombe West meeting and listening to residents. We have heard the frustrations at the Labour Council’s inability to keep the streets clean, delays in Westfield and Fairfield Hall, parking issues, the confusion over 20 mph implementation and signage and mixed views on the new one way system.  We’re committed to continuing to listen to residents and will fight for to make Addiscombe West a better place for all.



Holocaust Memorial Day
26/01/2018.......Posted by Jade Appleton


The Power of Words was the theme for the Memorial Service held at the Town Hall.

"Words can make a difference - both for good and evil".

With poetry, songs and testimonies written and performed by Croydon schools, a string quartet from Whitgift School and witness accounts from a survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto.  I attended with my wife, Marion, whose mother and two aunts arrived in England from Vienna in 1939 on the Kindertransport.  By this time Austria had been annexed into Nazi Germany and her grandparents and extended maternal family ultimately all perished, but to this day in circumstances unknown.

As well as remembering the horrors of the Holocaust it was also a reminder that history can and does repeat itself with genocides committed in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.......Lest We Forget.




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