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London Youth Games
11/07/2017 09:24:00......Posted by Sara Bashford


I was really pleased to attend the London Youth Games finals on Sunday. Croydon came 8th overall and put in an amazing performance in a wide variety of sports. I was pleased to be able to be present when our team received their medals for second place in the Aquathon.

Well done to all our young peole who took place and represented the Borough.


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Changes to the Delivery of Adult Social Care and Health
06/02/2018 07:53:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley

Many residents will know that Adult Social Care and Health services are undergoing a significant change. The total population registered across Croydon’s clinical commissioning group (CCG) is currently 377,570. The over 65’s represent 13% of this population, some 47,390 people, and is expected to grow by a fifth in the next ten years. In 2014, it was noted that there was a strong case for paying special attention to people who are aged 65 and over as the ageing population place an increased pressure on the health and care system. This was acknowledged in the work undertaken by the Conservative administration which approved the progression to Outcomes Based Commissioning for the over 65s.

Over the past few years the CCG, the council and its partners have been working to achieve integration between health and social care both in commissioning and at the point of service delivery. Recently this has been exemplified in the Better Care Fund (BCF) programme and through the establishment of multi-disciplinary health and social care teams.

Commissioning for outcomes rather than activity allows services to be delivered in a personalised way and is designed to focus on wellbeing. It enables providers to truly transform care: I and my colleagues are entirely supportive of this model of care, not least because we were the pioneers.

The most recent cabinet paper has taken this work a further step forward under the heading of the One Croydon Alliance, which includes an integrated Health and Social Care system consisting of the following partners: Croydon Council, the CCG, Age UK, GPs, The NHS and South London and Maudsley Mental Health Foundation Trust. It extends the original one year contract for a further nine years.

Part of this integrated model of care includes the LIFE services – Living Independently For Everyone and the Integrated Community Networks (ICN). As a result of the implementation of this service in the north of the borough the results have shown that 80% of regaining independence packages ceased within six weeks compared to 18% prior to the changes. This allowed the closure of 56 beds at Croydon University Hospital (CUH) – thus easing pressure on hospital beds. Intervention at an early stage with 180 people through multi-disciplinary working has prevented further pressure at CUH but more importantly allowed people to stay in the comfort of their own home. This work needs to take place in the south of the borough as not all residents access CUH. Many go to East Surrey, St Helier, Kings and St Georges Hospitals. 

Whilst I am fully supportive of the model of care, my concern is that this system is not yet operational in the south of the borough. I have put forward a strong case for the residents of Sanderstead and those in neighbouring wards where the demographics are quite different.  I am assured that the multi-disciplinary teams and huddles (proactive weekly case management teams working from GP practices) will be in place in the south soon. Currently only 30 out of the 57 practices have been implemented. The Personal Independence Co-ordinators are also not operational in our area. They will be employed by the voluntary sector independent of social services and the NHS. They will work intensively with people with long term conditions, if necessary on a one to one basis, and hopefully will reduce the number of people in hospital and facilitate discharge from hospital thus enabling more residents to remain independent in their own home.

I will continue to lobby the case for a model of care that is fit for purpose in the south, a place where I serve residents in a ward that has the highest percentage of elderly with the most complex health needs. I believe it would have been sensible to implement this model of care in the south first given the high percentage of residents that fall into the bracket of “over 65’s”.



Blue Badge Consultation
26/01/2018 18:09:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley

In a move designed to ensure equal consideration is given to mental and physical health conditions when people apply for a blue disabled parking badge, the government is reviewing how the scheme works for those with hidden disabilities.

Concerned that there are variations on how the rules and guidance notes are interpreted across the country, the Department for Transport (DfT) is determined that those with the greatest need have access to a blue badge.

To achieve this, the DfT is asking that people take part in a consultation that is running until 18 March. Details can be found at

Introduced in 1970, the blue-badge scheme enables 2.4 million disabled people to retain their independence by enabling them to park close to where they need to go without charge and, in most cases, without time limit in the on-street parking environment. The scheme does not apply to off-street car parks, although car park operators tend to recognise the badge as a passport to their disabled parking facilities.

Eligibility for a blue badge is not based on the type of disability. People with physical, mental or cognitive conditions can receive a badge if they meet the qualifying criteria.

Do take part in the consultation and help shape this important scheme.



South East Cancer Help Centre - AGM & Member's Meeting
23/11/2017 21:35:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley

I was delighted to Chair the Annual General Meeting of the South East Cancer Help Centre along with the Members' Meeting.  It has been another successful year with not only an increase in membership but funding as well.  Paint Purley Purple was a great success with Chris Philp MP cutting the ribbon to start the week-long fundraising and awareness campaign.

Our guest speaker was Gary Das, who retired in 2016 from CUH.  Gary was a consultant urological surgeon in Croydon and also a pelvic cancer surgeon at St George's Hospital in London.  Gary gave a fascinating talk on his transition to becoming a surgeon at CUH and his book "Tender is the Scalpel's Edge".

The centre goes from strength to strength and is always looking for new volunteers.  If you feel you could spare a few hours do get in touch with Linda Kenison on 020 8668 0974.  The centre offers a wide range of activities and therapies and counselling can be booked through Linda.



Dementia Friends
23/11/2017 16:22:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley

I was pleased to see so many Conservative councillors and selected candidates take part in the Dementia Awareness session given by Rachel Carse, the new officer appointed to take forward work on Dementia and Social Incusion.  I have been working with the Dementia Alliance group for almost a year helping to raise awareness about people with Dementia.  We all have lapses in memory and sometimes get a little confused but Rachel helped us all understand how we can help identify residents/family or indeed friends who are showing signs of the onset of dementia and explained how we can manage some of the challenges presented by people with Dementia.  We have all signed up to undertake a small challenge and support Croydon becoming a Dementia Friendly Borough.

Anna D'Agostino from the Croydon BME Forum also visited the Sanderstead Residents' Association to talk about how to keep your memory strong and stay mentally active.  The SRA will include an article in the spring magazine.

As community leaders it is important that we are able to support all our community, young and old and fully understand some of the more complex issues impacting our residents.  I was pleased to see that the Borough Commander of Croydon Fire Brigade and Croydon's Metropolitan Police are also happy to take forward this agenda.

If you want to know more about the Dementia Alliance Group or would like to talk to me about the work I progressing do get in touch.



Parks meeting
13/11/2017 22:15:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard


This evening I held a meeting for people who are in 'friends of parks' groups.  The objective was to find out how they think things are going in terms of the council services for parks.  I also wanted to find out what they think needs to be done to improve parks and what their vision is for the future of the green spaces in Croydon.  

It was a very good meeting and refreshing to hear from such committed people who work so hard to make out parks a great place to visit.   



Public Meeting
09/10/2017 16:19:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Sat on the panel at a public meeting in 'Tomorrow' in South Croydon.  The meeting was so popular we ran out of room and unfortunately not everyone could fit in.  We will hold other similar meetings in future so they come along.  

The idea of the meeting was to brief residents on changes that are happening in Croydon e.g. Westfield update, planning, housing, parks, and to listen to their views.  There were some good questions from the floor and it was good to hear about the issues people feel strongly about.  



Parks Meeting
03/10/2017 16:17:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Attended a meeting of the Friends of Parks Forum.  It was interesting to hear about the changes being made in the management of parks by the council.  A bit concerned about the impact the changes will have on our parks.  



Croydon Disability Forum/Dementia Action Alliance Meeting
13/09/2017 08:56:00.......Posted by Yvette Hopley

I attended two very important meeting this week - Croydon Disability Forum and the Dementia Alliance Meeting.  At the Disability Forum concerns were raised in relation to the misuse of blue badges, wheelchair safety on the bus (particularly when wet and slippery) and the closure of high street banks.  Issues were also raised in relation to the new proposal to close some roads around schools, thus preventing the usual access for carers, the delivery of medical equipment and indeed disabled children to schools.  I will submit a number of council questions in relation to the issues raised and hopefully a satisfactory arrangements can be made to allow entry into the zone during the restriction period in exceptional circumstances.

I also attended a meeting of the Dementia Action Alliance Group at the town hall.  I am pleased that an officer has been allocated to this important work - Rachel Carse who starts on 18th Setpember.  Both the Sanderstead Residents' Association and the Riddlesdown Residents' Association are keen to work with the local councillors to raise awareness of dementia in the community.  If you want to become more involved with the work we are doing please do get in touch.




Parks Master Planning
28/08/2017 19:27:00.......Posted by Helen Pollard

Met with a member of a 'Friends of Parks' group to discuss views about the current parks master planning process.  There are concerns about the fact that only 6 of Croydon's parks are included in the process.  What about the other parks in Croydon?  



Can you help Neighbourhood Watch
22/08/2017 08:43:00.......Posted by Sara Bashford

Croydon Borough Neighbourhood Watch (CBNWA) is a local charity whose aims are: 

- To prevent crime by improving security, increase vigilance, creating and a maintaining a caring community and reducing opportunities for crime by increasing crime awareness. 

- To assist the Police in detecting crime by promoting effective communication and the prompt reporting of suspicious and critical activity. 

- To reduce undue fear of crime by providing accurate information about risks and by promoting a sense of security and community spirit, particularly among the more vulnerable members of the community. 

CBNWA produces a newsletter twice a year which goes into 20,000 properties across the borough, hand delivered by a team of volunteers. Other residents are emailed it to save money. CBNWA have a website which provides information and regular bulletins which are emailed to volunteers for onward distribution to residents in their Watch areas.

Whilst they have some volunteer’s in Selsdon and Ballards they would appreciate any help in increasing their number.  If you would like to get involved and help please contact



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