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 The Shirley Blog
Cllr  Sue  Bennett
Cllr  Richard  Chatterjee
Cllr  Mike  Fisher

Attack at Shrublands last night, Friday 31st March
01/04/2017 19:23:00......Posted by Richard Chatterjee

Shirley councillors Sue Bennett, Mike Fisher and I are appalled at the attack last night and the terrible injuries on this 17 year old young man at the edge of the Shrublands estate. We encourage anyone who has information on the attack to share this with the police who can take the necessary action to bring those responsible to justice. This attack is an attack on all of us and is unacceptable in a civilised society. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim and his family.

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Shirley overwhelmingly rejects Local Plan proposals
17/12/2015 22:49:00.......Posted by Mike Fisher


I  was at the Town Hall this morning to receive over 900 letters of objection to the local plan proposals to de designate Metropolitan Open Land in Shirley Oaks Village.  The Labour Council plans to remove the protection and allow up to 751 homes to built on the land.  Local residents are rightly outraged and an action group has been set up,

The joint Chair of the group, Paulie Tenten deliverd the letters to Councillor Sue Bennett and I at the Town Hall before hand delivering them to Bernard Weatherill House.  The photo shows Sue and I receiving the letters today.

Residents right acorss Shirley have written in large numbers to oppose plans to intensify development around Shirley local centre and build on open areas within the Shrublands estate.  They are also alarmed at proposals to make it easier to build on back gardens.

Earlier this week I wrote to Councillor Alison Butler, the Labour Councillor responsible for the consultation asking her to extend the deadline to allow as many people as possible to respond,  She refused stating that it would be prejudicial to those that were working towards the deadline or who had already submitted their responses.  I do not see hiow allowing as many people as possible to respond is prejudicial to anyone,  Surely, allowing as many people as possible to take part is in everybodies interest.  If you agree, perhaps you could write to Councillor Butler at Town Hall, Katherine Street, Croydon, CR0 1NX or perhaps ring her on 0208 760 5770.





Shirley Oaks residents turn out in large numbers for local plan meeting.
10/12/2015 23:42:00.......Posted by Mike Fisher

Tonight I joined over 200 hundred residents from Shirley Oaks village at a packed meeting in the Synagogue to discuss the proposed local plan and its impact on Shirley. The meeting had been arranged by an action group set up and arranged by two local residents Pauline and Jen.

The proposals to de designate five areas on Metropolitan Open Land on the estate and allow up to 751 homes to be built on it were widely condemned by many speakers.  A vote at the end of the meeting showed that all those present opposed the proposals.

Councillors Richard Chatterjee, Sue Bennett and I took questions from residents and pledged to oppose the proposals tooth and nail,  

Residents were urged to write in to oppose the proposals by Friday 18th December at the latest.  The address to write to is:

Jo Negrini, Executive Director of Place, London Borugh of Croydon, Bernard Weatherill House, 8 Mint Walk, Croydon, CR0 1EA.

Thanks to Jen and Pauline for organising the meeting and getting together an action committee to fight the proposals.



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