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16 July 2002
Upper Norwood Councillors vote for one-way chaos to continue
Evidence of dreadful complacency about pedestrian safety in the temporary one way system was exposed at tonight’s Full Council Meeting in Croydon Town Hall. In front of a packed public gallery the Cabinet Member responsible for Highways and Transportation, Cllr Gerry Ryan, also insulted the people of Upper Norwood by dismissing the chaos prevailing as “a little bit of upheaval”.

“The complacency of Labour over this issues is enraging the people of Upper Norwood” said Cllr Andrew Pelling, Croydon Conservatives Leader and GLA Member for the whole Borough, including Upper Norwood.

“To regard the current pedestrian crossings as satisfactory worries me. Cllr. Ryan describes the current crossings with their half washed out zebra crossing markings but with their dimpled tactile dropped curves still in place as indicating ‘uncontrolled crossing points’. Such an irresponsible comment would reveal a macabre sense of humour were it not such a criminally negligent suggestion.

“What is particularly disturbing is that the three Councillors for Upper Norwood resolutely refused to back our call for the suspension of the chaotic one-way system. If they had spoken out for the people of Upper Norwood by voting for suspension the 35 –31 vote to continue the scheme would have been reveresed.’