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25 May 2017
20mph rammed through with Labour not listening to concerns

Yesterday the Scrutiny Committee considered the decision made by Cllr Stuart King to make the rest of the borough a 20mph go slow zone – and they agreed with it.

This was no surprise as again the Labour majority committee went with political dogma and ignored the wishes of local people. Cllr King bizarrely remarked that those who didn’t respond were actually in favour of the proposal, as they hadn’t expressed a view against it - what a nerve!

Much as expected the Labour members of the committee, including Cllr Kathy Bee who introduced the initial scheme sneered their way through the meeting knowing what the outcome would be. Much like other committees the decision on how to vote had already been taken by the group’s leaders. Labour even had the temerity to admit that as it was a manifesto promise they were going to do it regardless of what was said by anyone opposing their plans. This was obvious as they even tried to manipulate the outcome of the public consultation by changing the process.

In the first two zones residents had a simple yes or no choice, but in zones 3,4 and 5 they had to give reasons why they didn’t want the scheme to go ahead. The Chair of the committee did accept that it didn’t look good to change the process, but went on to say this wasn’t a referendum only a consultation and the Labour-run Council are under no obligation to implement the outcome of the consultation. So if the ‘Consultation’ meets their desired outcome they can say they did as residents asked, but if it doesn’t it is only advisory and we can ignore it. Very democratic!

The outcome of this meeting, just like that of the consultation was pre-determined and is a sad reflection of how the current Labour administration are ruining our borough.