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30 January 2017
Chaotic consultation shows Labour doesn’t Listen

Croydon’s Labour-run Council has been accused of not listening to residents concerns, by Conservative Councillors and residents

The Council’s consultation on whether all the roads (with the exception of a few arterial roads) should be driven on at 20mph is currently going ahead – but it isn’t treating all residents’ views equally in a move that many are saying implies a bias against where you live in the borough.

Splitting Croydon into five large zones, the consultation for zones 1 and 2 in the North of the borough asked residents a simple ‘yes/no’ question to ascertain support for Labour’s proposals. If residents objected then they were asked to put in writing why they objected.

In the latest iteration of the consultation for zones 3, 4 and 5 (largely in South Croydon) residents are not being asked a ‘yes/no’ question. If you are in favour of the proposal, you have no mechanism for supporting it formally. If you are opposed, you are required to provide a reason before being allowed to object.

Croydon Conservatives do not believe it is fair or equitable that residents in one part of Croydon is are being allowed a ‘yes/no’ vote on a significant issue, whilst the same mechanism is being denied to residents in other areas who are equally affected. Residents in the North and North East of the borough are being given more of a say on this issue than residents elsewhere.

Cllr Sara Bashford, Conservative Spokesperson for Transport, comments: “The point of consulting residents is that you listen to them equally before making a decision. That Labour has deliberately chosen to listen to some residents more than others is completely unacceptable.

“Our Labour Council has chosen to circumvent fairness in an attempt to rig the vote, and that’s something the whole Council should be deeply ashamed of.

“We often hear Labour telling us that they are open and transparent, when all the evidence points to the contrary. Everyone in Croydon should be under no illusion: Labour just doesn’t listen.”

The consultation for zones 3, 4 and 5 runs from 18th January to 15th February. You can find information about how to comment on it online.