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17 October 2016
Labour failing miserably on fly tipping

Poor old Cllr Stuart Collins (Lab) had an embarrassing night at the full council meeting tonight as it emerged that two Conservative councillors, despairing of Labour's failure to deal with fly tipping, went out in his own ward of Broad Green and found no fewer than 61 fly tips in his own ward.

Cllrs Phil Thomas and Tim Pollard worked as a team to find and report the tips, many of which had clearly been there for months. The 61 sites included abandoned furniture, toys, tyres, building waste and lots of green waste (which our Labour council is now charging for......

Cllr Thomas sais "Labour is failing miserably on fly tipping. If the cabinet member can't even keep his own ward clean, what hope is there for anywhere else? Fly tipping incidents have massively increased on his watch and all he seems interested in is blaming the government and prosecuting people who drop a cigarette butt".