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18 July 2016
Labour failing our parks and green spaces

Croydon’s Labour run Council has made many cuts in Croydon since 2014.  They have cut the amount of recycling in the borough, they have cut the time people can park for free in district centres and they have closed Fairfield Halls.  Yet, despite their zeal for making cuts, they can’t cut the grass in the borough. 

You only have to drive a short distance in Croydon to notice the poor state of our grass verges.  They rarely see a mower and have grown way beyond the 5cm that should trigger a cut. 

The same applies to the grass in our parks.  One of Croydon’s best features its green space but the Labour administration does not seem to place any value on these well-used and treasured amenities, instead preferring to focus on encouraging as much graffiti as possible in our town.  

Our parks should be mowed regularly and yet the grass has been left to turn to meadow.  Even when a mower does venture into a park, it seems to select a few odd areas to cut, leaving a messy patchwork of tufty grass next to areas of ‘hay’ caused by rare cuts to long grass .  They couldn’t even get their act together to mow the grass, when requested, before the festivals in parks that they are so keen to claim credit for. 

The lack of grass cutting is giving our town an unkempt and unloved appearance which could make Croydon unattractive to investors. 

Labour are letting our borough go to seed. 

Cllr Helen Pollard, Opposition spokesperson for parks, commented: “Labour have been quick to blame the mess in our parks and verges on the ‘output based’ contract they have with the contractor.  However, the issue is not the contract, it is the lack of enforcement.  They should be monitoring the performance of the contractor and making sure they deliver the services our residents have every right to expect.  Indeed, if they have such a problem with output based contracts why are they planning to have one for the street cleaning?”