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18 July 2016
Revealed: more public decisions taken behind closed doors by secretive Labour

Croydon’s Labour-run Council has moved another decision out of the public arena and taken it behind closed doors, Croydon Conservatives have discovered.  

In the past, a committee of councillors made decisions about the installation of disabled parking bays. This is no longer the case after our secretive Labour Council chose to give this power solely to the Transport Cabinet member, Cllr Stuart King. 

More power is being taken away from backbench councillors and placed in the hands of a few Cabinet Members, with backbench and Opposition councillors routinely being kept in the dark in what should be democratically accountable decisions. Recent examples include:



Cllr Sara Bashford, Opposition spokesperson for Transport and Environment, commented: ‘This Labour council want us to believe they are listening to the public, that they care what residents think, but there is very little to back up this spin.

“They are reducing the influence that elected representatives have, centralising power into the hands of one person. That’s not open and transparent, that’s closed and secretive. This gradual erosion of democracy mustn’t be tolerated or ignored.”

With Labour continually removing powers from councillors, the Conservatives have renewed calls for Croydon Labour to support plans to cut the total number of councillors by ten.  More information can be found online.