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11 July 2016
Croydon Labour spend 20 million on temps

Croydon’s Labour-run Council has revealed it intends to spend £20 million every year on temporary agency workers.

In papers released ahead of Monday night’s Cabinet meeting, 11th July, Labour have declared that they will be forking out tens of millions of pounds on agency support as it continues to lose control of their budget.

It comes as Conservative councillors call on Labour to get a grip of their spending, spiralling out of control with Council debt now heading well over the £1 billion mark. 

Cllr Jason Cummings, Conservative Finance Spokesman, said: “Labour are burning money like there’s no tomorrow. £20 million on temporary staff, while they are laying off hundreds of dedicated Council employees is a smack in the face for those who have devoted their careers to working for Croydon.

“Council money comes from the Council Tax they collect. That’s money from the pockets of hard-working Croydon residents. To lose control of spending to this level is not only irresponsible, but downright dangerous.”