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22 April 2016
Labour council burning your money on its own publicity

Croydon’s Labour council has this week been slammed for breaching the code of conduct on spending taxpayers’ money on party political messages.

In a letter to Labour leader Cllr Tony Newman, Marcus Jones MP (Minister Local Government) says that the council failed to comply with the code of practice when it wrote to all residents about its withdrawal of the free green waste collection service. Its claim that the withdrawal was as a result of government cuts was ‘factually inaccurate, confusing budget reductions with the necessary reductions that the Government made to the Revenue Support Grant your council receives’.

Cllr Tim Pollard, leader of the opposition in Croydon, says “Every time this Labour council changes any service, it blames the government. But the truth is that it can always find the money to carry out its pet projects – setting up a ‘Fairness Commission’, sponsoring a cycle race, moving dozens of boulders around the town, giving money to ‘Boxpark’ and so on. The truth is that they didn’t value the green waste service so they cut it so they could spend more on other projects.

“I am pleased that the Minister has rapped them over the knuckles for wasting our money and we can only hope that they learn something from the experience.

“I must also thank Croydon South MP, Chris Philp, who assisted in drawing the minister’s attention to this flagrant breach of the code of conduct”.