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18 November 2015
Labour secretly cuts street cleaning in the south of the borough

Labour councillors have secretly taken the decision to cut the frequency of street cleaning in the south of the borough and increased it in the north.  Since June, most residential roads in the south have been cleaned every six weeks instead of every four, while parts of the north are now cleaned every fortnight.

Changes to street cleaning were introduced at the same time as a new bin collection service. That included a £575,000 cut to council contractor Veolia's budget, which saw the number of bin lorries fall by two but did not result in a reduction in the number of street cleaners. Instead the frequency of rounds in the south was secretly cut to increase cleaning in the north.

There was no consultation about the reduction in service and residents are unhappy about this unfair reduction in cleaning.  There have been many complaints about the problems that have resulted from the cuts in recycling and street cleaning. 

Phil Thomas, shadow cabinet member for Clean Green Croydon, said: "The Labour council is always telling us it's trying to be open and transparent but they've tried to hide these changes. They've been dishonest. They promised not to cut street cleaning but actually they're cutting a fifth of the borough. Where are those streets? Unsurprisingly they're in the south."