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21 August 2014
Labour Council's pledge to eliminate fly tipping looks increasingly hollow says Croydon Central MP Gavin Barwell

Following a local election campaign in which Croydon Labour repeatedly blamed the then Conservative-controlled council for the plague of fly-tipping across the borough and pledged to deal with it, they are now finding that, in office, achieving this objective is considerably harder than talking about it was!

So far the cabinet member now responsible for the environment and cleaning, Labour councillor Stuart Collins, has successfully launched a new slogan and led efforts to sell T-shirts branded with its logo 'Don't mess with Croydon' to an unsuspecting public. But fly tipping is up on his watch, by a massive amount, and the problem of catching the culprits remains.

We don't blame the Labour councillors for the fly tipping - that's clearly the moral and practical responsibility of the minority of unscrupulous residents and tradesmen who think it's ok to do it. But we do feel obliged to point out that as they told the public that it was down to Conservatives not caring about the environment, then presumably they must surely accept that the increased problem on their watch indicates that they care even less! Or are they just less effective in dealing with it?

The video below, produced recently by Gavin Barwell MP, indicates the scale of the problem and the failure of Labour's actions to live up to their rhetoric.