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13 June 2013
First of 117 new police officers arrive in Croydon
The first of Boris' 117 new police officers have now arrived, says Cllr Simon Hoar, cabinet member for community safety and public protection.

In April I wrote an article about the big policing debate in Croydon (cops versus buildings) and the need to protect front line police services in the borough rather than the keeping outdated and seriously underused police buildings.

At the time I highlighted how police stations such as Kenley and Addington had so few visitors each day (two and eight respectively) that it was a complete waste of resources having police officers sitting there doing little to help protect the borough and that it was far better to put the Police’s resources into police officers out on our streets. The good news then was that the borough's police establishment was increasing from 623 (where it had bumped along for a number of years) to 740, the majority of which would be going into safer neighbourhood teams.

The good news is now being delivered, as at the end of May the first ten of those new officers arrived in the borough, fresh faced and ready for action. Ten is just a start but it is a very welcome start in getting more warranted police officers out on the streets of Croydon, where they belong. More than 100 are still to arrive over the coming months and I remain convinced that the strategy of getting more police officers onto the streets of Croydon is absolutely the right approach.