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 Selected story in full
17 March 2008
Councillor defects to the Tory Group after a “lifetime” in the Labour Party

Councillor Mike Mogul has resigned from the Labour Group on Croydon Council and joined the Conservatives. Cllr Mogul, who represents West Thornton Ward said “Although I have been a member of the Labour Party for over 40 years, I have for some time been very unhappy with the way the Leadership of the Labour group behaves on Croydon Council.”

He continued “I have raised a number of genuine concerns about issues within the group with the Labour Leader, some as long ago as last September, but Councillor Newman has failed to deal with any of the issues. His weak leadership and lack of support for me has been one of the reasons that I have decided to leave the Labour Party. I know that there are a number of other colleagues within the Labour Group that are unhappy with his leadership and the lack of support that he shows for backbenchers generally, unless they are part of his little clique.”

“I have also been very impressed with the Conservative administration led by a strong and decisive leader in Mike Fisher. Their forward thinking plans for the Town and its regeneration are a breath of fresh air. In contrast the Labour leadership only seem to talk down the town and to oppose schemes that are good for Croydon like the recent Welleseley Square Planning Application. ”

Councillor Mogul also added “I have been impressed with the candidates that the local Conservatives have selected to fight the GLA and Croydon Central campaigns. In Steve O’Connell and Gavin Barwell they have two excellent candidates that will be a strong voice for Croydon in Parliament and the GLA.”

Commenting on Councillor Mogul’s defection, Council Leader Mike Fisher said “ I am very pleased that Mike Mogul has had the courage to stand up for what he believes is right. As a member of the Labour party for most of his life it must have been a very difficult decision for him. Many of us have known for some time that Mike has been given a very hard time for taking a different stance on some issues to those of Tony Newman and others on the front bench. I think it is regrettable that any difference of opinion is not tolerated within the Labour group and that if you dare to disagree you are subjected to abuse. He will be made most welcome in the Conservative Group.”

Cllr Mike Fisher welcoming Cllr Mogul to the Conservative Group
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