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27 March 2018
FactCheck: fly-tipping

The government requires all councils to publish annual statistics on flytipping. The latest release for 2016/2017 was published in October 2017. These statistics include, amongst others, the number of flytips reported to local authorities in England and Wales over the preceding twelve months.

In 2014 the incoming Labour council started publishing monthly statistics. This monthly information included the number of reported flytips, but also some additional information not previously collected, such as the number of flytips cleared within 48 hours of being reported. At the same time performance targets were set of reducing the number of reported flytips to less than 1208/month and clearing at least 80% of reported flytips within 48 hours.

Flytips continued to increase and in November 2015 the council responded by increasing the target for flytips by around 24% to 1500/month. The target definition was also changed from reported flytips to confirmed flytips. The difference is due to issues such as some flytips being reported more than once. Both reported and confirmed flytips were published for a while from which it can be seen that the one is about 20% less than the other.

The net effect was that the council moved the goalposts by around 44%. In response, flytipping got no better such that even this new target was only rarely achieved.

To compare performance under the previous Tory council the only apples-to-apples comparison is annually reported flytips as reported by all local councils and published by the Office for National Statistics. Under the last year of the Tory administration (2013/14) reported flytips averaged 1260 per month. The comparable figures for the first three years under Labour were 1550, 2035 and 2066. Under Labour, flytips in Croydon have thus increased by 64% whilst across London over the same period there was only a 12% increase.

Flytipping in Croydon under Labour has increased at five times the rate of the rest of London and is now 64% higher than it was in the last year of the Conservative administration.

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