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04 December 2017
Conservatives pledge not to build on local green spaces

Every single one of Croydon’s cherished publicly-owned parks, public gardens and woodlands will be safe from development if the Conservatives regain control of Croydon Council. That is the latest pledge from Croydon Conservatives as they put together their manifesto for the 2018 Borough Council Elections.

The Planning Inspector who reviewed the Local Plan made by Croydon’s Labour Council made clear that 31 parks and green spaces are not protected from development by that plan. The Conservative manifesto will state, unambiguously, that those the council owns will not be developed if the Conservatives control the Council.

Tim Pollard, Leader of Croydon’s Conservative Councillors, made the pledge saying, ”Croydon has some of the most beautiful parks and public gardens in London, from Norbury Park and South Norwood Country Park in the north, Lloyd Park and Addington Hills in the centre and Happy Valley in the south. Whatever Labour’s local plan might say, I am proud that under the Conservatives, all these green spaces will be protected from all development.”

Helen Pollard, Shadow Cabinet Member for Parks said, “Croydon’s beautiful green spaces are a big part of what makes Croydon such a special place to live. The failure of the local plan to protect all of these green spaces is one of its biggest shortcomings.”

“The planning inspector made very clear that 31 parks and green spaces would no longer be protected from development under the local plan, but, where the council owns the land, they will always be protected by a Conservative Council.”

In addition to making this commitment in their manifesto for 2018, Croydon Conservatives will introduce a motion at the Council meeting on 4th December, giving the Labour administration the chance to support it and make a similar commitment. The Conservatives hope that the motion will pass, and that Croydon can go into the 2018 election safe in the knowledge that all its parks will be protected.


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